Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a Rave

Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a Rave

It used to be that raves were a thing of the nineties. When someone said, “rave” people thought of illegal parties in empty warehouses and taking illicit substances somewhere in the woods. Not so anymore, because raves and rave clothing are back, and they’re much more socially acceptable. But how do you dress for a rave? Well, it’s all about the lights, the neons and being as bright as you can be.


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Neons, Neons, Neons

The first rule of dressing for a rave is that everything should be neon. All right, not everything, but there should be a lot of bright colour in your outfit. That might take the form of UV face-paints, bright pinks, greens and blues on your clothes, or the myriad of different lights and sticks you can buy. LED lights are great for glowing in the dark, and you can get them on everything, from skirts and shirts to glasses and ties.

Glasses and Goggles

Rave clothing is all about accessorizing and you can’t go wrong with glasses and goggles. Since raves are all about bright lights shining through the dark, rave glasses and goggles give you that extra glowing touch. LED glasses have a funky glow, while raver shades will both protect your eyes and make you look ultra cool. Then there’s goggles, which are perfect for anyone who loves the steampunk look. Some of them react to UV light, for that extra glow. But best of all, there’s diffraction glasses. These awesome glasses cause the light to diffract, which creates amazing rainbows.

Leg Warmers

Sure, it’s hot in there. You don’t need to keep your legs warm, but don’t be fooled by the name. They’re a fashion accessory, not a piece of knitwear and, what’s more, they’re an awesome fashion accessory. They come in all kinds of bright colours, and they’re usually super fluffy. Some of them react to UV light, making you even more colourful, while others have LED lights to light you up. Leg warmers look fantastic with a little neon skirt.

Cute Petticoats

Moving away from accessories, rave outfits don’t usually cover a lot of skin. One trend that’s taken the rave scene by storm is cute little petticoats. These short little skirts look more like tutus than everyday skirts. And what girl, whether they’re five or fifty-five, doesn’t want to wear a fairy princess tutu now and then? Just like with everything else, these brilliant skirts often have lights to make you sparkle, and extra bright neon colours so you’ll definitely stand out.

Dressing for a rave shouldn’t be too hard, but it should be really fun. If you love colour and light, then rave fashion is for you. Just remember that even though the look is a big part of it, it’s not all about the clothes. Don’t forget to enjoy the music and the party too!