Your Guide to Buying Rings for Special Occasions

Your Guide to Buying Rings for Special Occasions

When people think about buying rings, they think of the big two: engagement rings and wedding rings. But there are several other occasions where rings are traditional gifts, often on anniversaries or other milestones. Rings make beautiful gifts and can be both a symbol of a strong relationship and a token to mark an important life event. When you look at your ring, you want it to remind you of the reason you have it, whether it’s coming of age or your 25th wedding anniversary. If you’re not sure when to buy a ring as a gift (or for yourself) or what to buy, keep reading for a guide to ring buying for other occasions.


For certain wedding anniversaries, it’s traditional to give a gift of a metal or gemstone. For these occasions, a ring is the perfect gift. There are the obvious ones, like diamond, ruby or pearl anniversaries. But what about when the name of the anniversary doesn’t lend itself to jewelry? The 10th anniversary, for example, traditionally invites gifts of tin. Not very exciting. But ten years of marriage is significant and the ideal time to give the gift of a ring. You might decide to go in fives, or perhaps tens, to decide when to give a more expensive present. The ring doesn’t always have to be a diamond and could follow the suggestion for gemstone anniversaries.

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Birth of a Child

When a baby is born there are two people you might want to gift a ring to: mother and baby. Although the little one can’t wear it yet, a ring for when they come of age is a wonderful idea. Rings for the birth of a baby could have their birthstone and perhaps an inscription of their name and date of birth. Perhaps you will keep the ring for the baby and gift it to them on their 18th birthday, or whenever you feel they have become an adult.

Eternity Rings

People give eternity rings as a symbol of lasting love and affection, proving their devotion. Typically they have an unbroken ring of gems, often diamonds. There is no set time to give an eternity ring, but it’s usually on a significant anniversary. You might also give one on the birth of your child or use an eternity ring as an engagement or wedding ring. When you look at Houston jewelry at, you can find some beautiful diamond eternity rings. Some rings may only have half a circle of stones, to make the ring less cumbersome. This is sometimes called a half-eternity ring, and might be preferable to some.


Graduation from high school or college is a popular occasion for giving a ring. Many students buy a class ring or have one gifted to them. However, you might want to gift another ring to mark the event. Still you might want the ring to mark the event in some way, with an inscription of the date or school insignia.