Work Breaks that Can Actually Boost Productivity

Work Breaks that Can Actually Boost Productivity

Sitting through the typical 9-5 day can take a toll on anyone. Most people feel stressed, tired or simply unmotivated at work during these long days. Obviously, these feelings are not very conducive to a productive day in any way, shape, or form.

Even though it seems counterproductive, there are some ways to make taking a break productive. People can use these methods to make the work day go by faster and help themselves get more work done. Here are some work breaks that can actually boost productivity.

Take a full lunch break

It is common for people to rush through their lunch break and get back to work without even fully digesting their food. This can not only leave a person hungry, but can also cause distracting stomach pains. Watch a quick TV episode with WOW! Cable packages and take some time to finish the meal.

Get outside the office

Setting into a new environment can help anyone seem more clearly and get a fresh perspective to help them refocus and recharge. Head out for a quick run at the local gym or a coffee from a local shop for a break that will deliver satisfaction and relief.

Move away from a screen

Many people will head to their mobile phones to take a quick break from staring at their computer screen. Even though it seems like a break, some people may need to take their eyes fully off a screen in order to give their eyes the rest they need.

Get physical

Siting all day is not always ideal for productivity. Getting up and moving around can actually help people increase their blood flow to the brain, making them more alert and focused. Even a simple walk around the office can be the perfect pick-me-up sans caffeine.

Have a snack

Poor nutrition is the cause of a lot of mid-day slumps. Have a light sack of healthy fats, like nuts, to give the brain a boost. Some people even find that snacking throughout the day instead of eating full meals can help their productivity and brain function every day.

Talk with other people about something not work related

Being social stimulates the mind and can help people get new creative ideas that they would not have been able to come up with on their own. Talk with some co-workers about last night’s game or a local event.

Practice meditation

Medication has vast benefits for the mind and body. Anyone can meditate quickly at their desk or in a break room to clear their mind and relax. There are online videos for guided meditation or soundtracks that can help beginners find a place of peace in the chaos of their daily job.

Listen to some music

Music can be a valuable tool for helping people feel better about their work and their day. Listening to even one motivating song can change a person’s entire mood, so crank up the radio and listen.