Why You Should Buy A Holiday Home

Why You Should Buy A Holiday Home

If you find you are booking your summer holidays already, ask yourself how often you have been to the same place. Lots of us like revisiting favorite holiday destinations more than once, but some people find the draw of the place is like a magnet. We book the same city and even the same hotel over and over again.

If you are booking a holiday in a place you have been to before if may be time to think about buying a holiday home there instead. Chances are your property will always be worth at least what you paid for it. Instead of spending a couple of thousand on accommodation every time you go, why not own a property you can visit as often as you like?

Countries like Spain are full of foreigners who love the place so much they bought a home there. If you are of working age now, you can buy a holiday home that may suit you as a retirement home one day. Alternatively, the investment in the property may fund whatever you choose to do when you have left work for good. Spain offers fabulous weather and several exciting cities to sample the culture and night-life from. Whichever area you pick, don’t forget to apply for your NIE Numbers before choosing a house to buy.

Read on for our guide to some of the most popular places to buy Spanish property:

Benidorm has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As a family oriented tourist hotspot, you will find everything you need, whatever age you and the kids may be. The water is clear and warm, and it’s easy to get to almost everything on foot. If you are thinking of friends and family coming to visit, Benidorm has plenty of holiday lets available all year round.

Marbella is probably the most popular Costa del Sol resort, offering beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine. The Sierra Blanca mountain range provides stunning landscapes and scenery. Living on the coast here offers so much in terms of activities. Water sports, horse riding, hiking, and golf are on offer all year round, making this area the most popular holiday destination in Spain.

Barcelona is the second largest city but is a favorite with tourists because of the bustling vibrancy of the night life here. As with any metropolitan city there is plenty to see and do to soak up the Spanish culture. There are world-class restaurants and architecture to be amazed by. Everything in Spain can be reached from Barcelona by public transport or car. There is a busy business center here too, offering a huge variety of employment. The lanes and markets available in the week are not to be missed.

2118279779_8b29e21c14_zBarcelona picture provided by Flickr

Seville offers the most Spanish flavor of all the cities in the country. The entire area is steeped in a proud tradition, offering a wealth of culture and community like no other. Perhaps the home of the Spanish Arts, Seville provides music, art, dance and food in abundance, with opportunities to join in at the many festivals held in the area.