Why fleas in the home can’t be ignored

Why fleas in the home can’t be ignored


Every home that has a cat or dog as a pet must be aware that sometimes even the cleanest animal will have fleas. Simply by socialising with other animals, any cat or dog can catch fleas and bring them into your home.

Although there is a long-held stigma regarding the parasites, it is a myth that uncleanness or lack of hygiene causes them to appear. In fact, any animal with a furry coat is likely to harbour the pests once in a while, so once you’ve understood that fact the question is simply what can you do to solve the problem.

Don’t ignore it

Fleas are tiny parasites that feed have the unpleasant habit of feeding on the blood of the host body that they live on. Their bite can be very irritating and leave sore spots and sometimes cause rashes.

More than 2,000 identified species of fleas exist in the world, but strangely only one type is known to infest cats and dogs, and that is known as the “cat flea.”

In particular, when your dog seems to be scratching excessively it may be because flea bites for them can also lead to Flea Allergy Dermatitis due to the fact they are very sensitive to flea saliva.

Another major concern is that once an animal brings fleas into the home things can escalate quickly because they can easily live away from their hosts for some time, often lurking in the thick carpet of padded furniture.

As well as being irritants themselves, fleas can transmit both bacterial and viral diseases to pets and other animals.

Human bites

If cat fleas leave their feline or canine host, they can bite humans too. Often this shows up as round red spots on the lower part of the legs and leads to itchiness and discomfort.

The level of irritation will depend on a person’s individual skin sensitivity, but the risk of infection is there for anyone who is bitten. Anyone who suffers from other allergies may be particularly affected.

Using lotions or creams can ease the itchiness and help speed up recovery.


Fortunately, even the most social of dogs or “stay out late” cats can be protected against flea infestation by some simple and cost effective procedures. We should all buy flea tablets for our dogs and also use topical sprays to prevent both cats and dogs from picking up the pests.

Not only do these easy to use preventative measures save your pet from having unnecessary irritation, but it also takes away the risk to you and your family too.

Make the effort

Any responsible pet owner should make the effort to look after their animal and save it from any easily avoided health related problem, and fleas are certainly one of the easiest things to deal with.

It only takes a few minutes to make sure that your pet is protected and at the same time, you are keeping your home safe as well.