Ways to Sell Your Phone

Ways to Sell Your Phone

Which model of phone do you own? How often do you replace your phone? This is a question that everyone has an answer to it though those answers could vary. It is very weird to find a person who maintains his/her phone forever unless it completely malfunctions beyond repair. People do always upgrade their phones time after time. It is always good to replace your cellular phone with an advanced one so as to take advantage of the new features that it does come with. The major question that some people ask themselves is how do you sell your phone here in United Kingdom where everyone has his/her own. Well, selling your phone is not a big issue and the following ideas will get you an immediate buyer;

Online Sales

One of the most celebrated ways of selling your phone is through online sites that purchases used phones. No matter the brand of phone you have, there is always a price you can fetch for it. All that you have to do is to visit that site, enter the type of phone in terms of make and model including its IMEI number then you will be given a price for it. You will then be asked with which mode of payment you would like to be paid with and thereafter you will send your phone to them maybe via post offices or any other carrier and they will pay you. In UK, a great deal of people rely on sellmyphone.co.uk because this is the most reliable places where your payment is guaranteed after sending them your phone.

Recycle for Cash

There are companies in UK which purchases old/dead phones. If you have several phones in your home that are not in use whether they are functioning or not, these companies will always purchase them. In most cases, the companies will take that phone and maybe repair it for sale or they can destroy it completely so as to dispose them in a safe place where they will not cause harm to the environment.


The other option is to auction your phone online. There are sites like eBay where you can list your phone and the highest bidder will buy it. This option is ideal though it may take a couple of days before you can find an interested buyer with the highest bid placed on it.


Your friends too could also be interested with your phone especially when they own a less advance one than what you want to tell. Don’t mind talking to them and it won’t take long before you have cash for your phone.