Top Reasons Why You Should Host a Summer BBQ

Top Reasons Why You Should Host a Summer BBQ

Summer may not be here just yet, but we are already starting to fantasise of all the ways we want to celebrate the suns decision to cast down a sweltering heat. Besides working on improving our pasty winter skin, the best part of summer is the classic BBQ. There’s nothing more satisfying than socialising with friends while scoffing down an assortment of juicy, grilled meats. If you want to be the best friend ever, here’s why you should jump of the BBQ fiesta train, and host your very own kickin’ BBQ.

No Fuss Solution to a Dinner Party

There is an undeniable allure of hosting a dinner party: It makes you feel classy, the food is usually gourmet, and the decorations are tré cute. However, dinner parties are ridiculously stress-inducing, more formal, and generally take a lot of work to pull off. Not everyone has time to create a three tiered gluten-free chocolate cake made purely from beetroot (totally possible, and really delicious if you do have the time) so a BBQ is a no-fuss solution. All you need is an outdoor BBQ from somewhere like Barbeques Galore, minimal decorations, a blow up pool (or real one) and a dining setting – although you can be guaranteed that most people would be pretty happy with a plastic chair to rest on.

You’ve Always Wanted to Indulge in a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Unless you have no shame in ordering off the kids menu or live in New York, when else do you ever truly get to unleash your inner five year-old self and chow down on a delicious hot dog. Considering you’re at a BBQ, you might as go one better and stage a winner-takes-all hot dog eating contest.

Paper Everything Means No Cleaning For You

Cleaning is the most dreaded part of hosting your own event with hours spent washing dishes at the sink and picking up god-knows-what out of the pool. Luckily for you, paper plates, cups, and cutlery are all socially acceptable forms of dinnerware, resulting in your clean-up being as simple as throwing it all into a massive garbage bag.

Get Your Friends Out of Hibernation

During the colder months, you’re friends have the excuse of it’s too cold outside to bail on your plans. A BBQ coupled with nice weather, friends, and an endless supply of beverages is the perfect way to entice them out from under their hibernation blanket.

No Dressing Up

Unlike a dinner party or going out to a restaurant, wearing comfortable and even shabby style clothing is absolutely appropriate – in fact – no one is expecting you to come adorned in the latest jewellery from Paris or spend the entire day in a pair of Louboutins.

A Reason for the Male Species to Congregate

BBQ’s are an excuse for the male species to get in touch with their masculine side and congregate in small circles around the grill. How they think discussing the best methods on flipping over a steak is manly, we’ll never know, but by letting them keep thinking that it is really macho, it makes them feel good and we don’t have to worry about sweating over a hot stove.

Oh… And You Can’t Forget the Food