Top Movie Night Snack Essentials

Top Movie Night Snack Essentials

Movie nights are an awesome excuse to have friends around or to just take some time to yourself to wind down or escape from a particularly lousy day. There are, however, certain things that go hand in hand with a movie night: a darkened room, a comfy couch, a properly levelled home theatre and, of course, snacks. But which snacks? Here’s a few ideas for your next movie night.

Chips & Dip

So you wake up to an email from Warner Bros Australia telling you that the extended cut of The Desolation of Smaug is out on Bluray. Needless to say, you race out and get it, tell all your friends to come over, and are so excited about your return trip to Middle Earth that you completely forget to prepare anything for people to eat during the three-and-a-half hour movie. Whoops. Luckily, the classic chips and dip is perfect for when you need snacks for a group, fast. Grab a few potato chip varieties, or crackers if you prefer, and a few generously-sized, crowd pleasing dips, arrange them on a platter and you’re ready to go. Good save!


There’s a reason popcorn is a classic movie snack. It’s perfect on almost every level; it’s cheap, it can feed an awful lot of people, it’s the easiest thing in the world to prepare, it isn’t especially noisy when eaten like chips can be and, by leaving one bowl unsalted and unbuttered, it’ll even keep the health fanatics happy too.

Nuts/Choc Nuts

Nuts are a healthy, filling food that will mean you don’t have to buy too much to keep any fellow viewers happy. There’s a lot of different varieties as well and, for anyone who has a sweet tooth, there are plenty of chocolate-covered versions too. This is another snack that’s easy to arrange on a platter so that everyone can have at them when ready.


Look, anything can be considered a snack if you only have a little bit. Mini pizzas or individual pizza slices are another excellent snack option for any given movie night. They’re quiet, great to warm people up on a cold night, and don’t require much more preparation than popping them in the oven for a while if you’ve got frozen ones or ordering from your nearest pizza place if you’re especially time-poor.

Fruit Salad

Sometimes binging on junk food during a movie will leave you sluggish, feeling ill or might even be so full of sugar you’ll struggle to sleep later. Consider something like a bowl of fruit salad; you can put together a collection of flavours that will please most people without any of the guilt. It’s healthy and filling, but still satisfyingly tasty.

Think about who’s coming over when prepping snacks for your movie night. What do your friends like? What don’t they like? Is it just going to be you? Treat yourself to a personal favourite. If you’re feeling especially creative and have a bit of time, maybe even make snacks from scratch! But don’t take too long – you’ve still got that movie to watch