Top Five Sustainable Trends for 2015

Top Five Sustainable Trends for 2015

Everybody makes different new year’s resolutions. Some of us vow to get fit, others to eat healthy. Some of us pledge to budget, or save for an overseas holiday… but what about making a promise to the environment? More and more people are now making a commitment to be more eco-friendly, so here are five tips to make your 2015 more sustainable.

Ditch Plastic Bottles

While purchasing and using plastic bottles is extremely convenient, the production of plastic bottles is bad for the environment. Disposed water bottles account for a large proportion of the world’s waste. Additionally, reusing plastic bottles can cause them to deteriorate over time and release harmful chemicals into the water you drink. Glass water bottles are a much better option as they can be reused without the risk of chemical contamination. They are also far more stylish and can be purchased in a range of sizes and designs from eco-friendly retailers, such as Biome .

Cut Down on Meat

More people are choosing to cut down the amount of meat in their diets to help the environment. The farming of livestock for human consumption requires flat grasslands, which are often created by felling forests, which results in the displacement of native animals. Livestock farming also produces enormous amounts of greenhouse gases and uses huge quantities of water. Besides, opting for more vegetables and less meat also offers numerous health benefits, including reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Eat Local

Sourcing and buying local foods and ingredients has huge benefits for the environment. These days, many foods you eat have been imported from countries all over the world. While it can be nice to have variety sometimes, the further your food has to travel, the more cost to the environment. Eating local produce is far more sustainable and you will find that locally grown foods are just as delicious and usually less expensive.

Eco Fashion

Just because you want to be sustainable doesn’t mean you have to look threadbare. There is a trend emerging called eco fashion, which are collections of clothes and accessories that are made using eco friendly materials with sustainable manufacturing processes. Wooden and recycled jewellery are becoming particularly popular due to their unique and earth-friendly designs. Bamboo fabric is also very popular as it is far more sustainable than cotton, polyester, and other synthetic materials.

Natural Beauty

Cosmetics and other beauty product companies have very large carbon footprints. The creation of cosmetics requires large amounts of water and energy, and causes a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and large amounts of packaging waste that often finds its ways into the environment. There are now many environmentally friendly cosmetic products on the market, which are organic, free of chemicals and not tested on animals.

Little changes can make a big difference and, with the environment under more pressure than ever, now is a great time to do your part. What are you going to do to make the year better for you and the environment?