The Worst Breakfast Foods

The Worst Breakfast Foods

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the best things that you can do to start your day off right. However, it is important to remember that all breakfast foods are not created equal. There are a number of breakfast foods that you will need to avoid as much as possible. Below are some of the worst breakfast foods you can eat:

Sugary Cereal

Cereal is a staple breakfast food for many families. It is something that you can make very quickly, which is one of the reasons that busy people like to eat it. However, sugary cereal is not a breakfast food that you want to consume every day. Because it is packed with sugar, it probably will not keep you full very long. If you love to eat cereal, then it is best to choose a high-fiber cereal that is low in sugar.

Bagel And Cream Cheese

A plain bagel is not that bad. However, when you top it with cream cheese, you add extra sugar and fat. Eating one bagel with cream cheese is equivalent to eating two donuts for breakfast. If you want to make your bagel a little bit healthier, then you should use peanut butter instead of cream cheese. This will not only cut out some of the sugar, but it will also add some protein.

Breakfast scones

Breakfast scones look harmless, but they are filled with sugar and empty calories. They also do not contain any fiber or protein. If you eat a scone for breakfast, then chances are you will probably be hungry again in a short amount of time.


Pancakes are made out of butter, eggs, milk and flour. Because they are filled with simple carbohydrates, they digest very quickly. When you top your pancakes with maple syrup, you add even more calories and sugar. You should opt for whole wheat pancakes and put fruit on top of them instead of syrup.