The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The planning and organising that goes into your wedding day is monumental. Not knowing where to start is normal. There is so much to plan; you may feel that your head is likely to explode. The key is to keep calm. There is a lot to do, but if you break down your checklist into manageable chunks, your big day will be a breeze. Do not despair. Help is at hand.


Image Credit: Rachel Wilder

Organise Your Workload By Venue

How many venues will you by having for your day? While this may seem an odd thing to say, think about it logically.

Will you be having a church do with a party at a local centre after? Will your big day be in a hotel all day? If you have multiple venues, you need to organise exactly what is happening in each venue and at what time.

Think about the basics:



Photo booth for sale or rent










All of these things are required in your venues as a minimum. Make appointments to see people and get quotes for prices. The more time that you allow yourself, the better the deal you may get.

Clothing and Attire

No wedding is complete without an amazing dress. As a bride, you want to look incredible. Start shopping at around twelve months prior to the day. give yourself time to implement a new fitness regime. You need to allow time for fittings.

Think about the clothing needs of others. Think about who will need to be dressed for the occasion:


Flower girls


Best Man


The groom (he’s kind of important in all of this!)

For flower girls and page boys, you should get their outfits two months before the main event. Kids grow out of their clothes quickly, so you do not want to waste money unnecessarily. Your adult guests should be decked in their finery at least six months before the big day.

Bear in mind any accessories and shoes that need to be purchased too. Veils, necklaces, shoes and bracelets all form part of the overall look. Keep an open mind and start shopping early. A three-month window should be sufficient. Organisation and foresight are the keys to a stress free wedding.

Music and Vows

If you are keen to say personalised vows, you need to start writing them early. You don’t want to rush your most important words. Take your time over them. Come back to them little and often with fresh eyes.

What music do you want playing during the main event? You will need to pick a plethora of music when you are getting hitched. Music to walk down the aisle to is critical. Your first dance is equally as important. Music plays such an important part of the day. You want it to be meaningful and special. You need to make sure that you and your significant other are happy with the music choices. Make sure that the music is appropriate. Walking down the aisle to Sex Bomb by Tom Jones may be funny, but the vicar won’t be impressed!