The Top 5 Benefits Of Living In A Large Town Or City

The Top 5 Benefits Of Living In A Large Town Or City


City and town life isn’t for everyone; that much is certain. But many people thrive on it. Country dwellers with an outside view find it hard to understand because there are many downsides to living in a bustling area. The pollution, for one thing, is a serious issue for those with breathing problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or COPD. Then there is the overcrowding; who can enjoy being constantly surrounded? Of course, you cannot ignore the noise. If you desire peace and quiet, then life here may not be for you.

Population centres have much to offer the young and trendy people today. If you are about to buy your first home and cannot come to a decision about where it should be, read on. Here are the top five benefits of living there that you may not have considered.


Are you one of the millions of people who must commute to work in an office every day? Experts reckon that the journey to and from work is one of the most stressful times . Some people spend more than two hours travelling each way; I cannot comprehend the misery it must cause. Imagine living in proximity to your place of employment if you will. No more bus, train, or coach journeys to ruin your day from the start, and no more delays that make your journey home intolerable. The thought of removing the daily commute is enough to make you visit estate agents in Braintree to see what city properties are available.


They often have the best shopping centres. When you are not working, seek out the best designer clothes shops and spend your day being pampered by eager salespeople. Most people love to shop but must travel to find the best ones. If they are on your doorstep, the experience is all the more sweet.


Where there is a dense population, you will always find the best entertainment  You will have many nightclubs that are only a short stroll away, or a taxi ride at most. You will soon discover the best venues to suit your needs and personality.

Travel Hub

They naturally become travel hubs. It is easy to get out when you feel the need, so you could be strolling in the countryside in no time at all. There will be a train and coach station, so you are free to move around. Those who live in the country sometimes become so familiar with it that they stop appreciating the fresh air and open spaces.


Owning a car is great when you are very young, but many come to hate the experience when they are older. There is no point in owning your own car in some cities and towns because the public transport is excellent. You save money on tax, insurance, fuel, and can even make money by renting your parking space to someone else.

As you can see, the argument for living in a large town or city is compelling. The cost of property is drawback though, and some people will never afford to live there, but don’t give up on your dream because you may be the one who makes it. In this world, you make your own fortunes and determined people go far. I wish you all the success in the world.

Image credit: Vincent Desjardins on Flickr.