The stylish girl’s guide to travelling in Europe

The stylish girl’s guide to travelling in Europe

You haven’t really travelled until you’ve travelled Europe. With so much diversity, stepping into each country is like stepping into a different world altogether! Whether you’re planning on a short trip of a few weeks or a longer one of a few months, there are things to remember for any stylish girl travelling in Europe.

Skip the heavy luggage

It may be tempting to pack your whole wardrobe and bathroom vanity, but it’s only going to drag you down later! It’s especially important to pack light if you’ll be flying on low-cost carriers within Europe – they’ll charge you a baggage check-in fee. Invest in a smart, sturdy and safe carry-on, plus a handbag – there’s plenty to choose from if you check out websites like Bags to Go. Pack your obvious must-haves like travel-sized toiletries, phone etc, but remember the things you absolutely need – money (cash and card) and passport. Technically, those other things can be purchased at your destination.

Be street smart

This may be Europe, but you need to be careful, whether you’re travelling with a bunch of girlfriends or solo. Some European cities are teeming with pickpockets. Use a money belt if you must, as they’re relatively undetectable under clothing. Avoid leaving your things in a locker – they can be broken into. Ask the concierge at your hotel to point out the shady parts of town, and don’t be obvious about being a tourist – walk confidently like you know where you’re going (be discreet when looking at maps) and always be aware of your surroundings.

Hone your skills

If your sense of direction is somewhat questionable, you probably find maps are hard to navigate too. Learn how to decipher maps and in each city, always make note of the general direction of your accommodation. Know some common phrases in the local language too –‘do you speak English’, ‘where’s the bathroom?’, ‘what time does this train leave?’ etc.

Dress appropriately

Europe is a melting pot of different cultures and environments and their fashion reiterates this fact. You’ll be travelling through areas where casual is best, as well as more fashionable cities where you’ll need to dress up in order to fit in. Have multipurpose items that can be modified to suit any occasion. Dark denim is something that can be dressed up and dressed down, and it hides any stains you may acquire. Sensible shoes are a must, but take one pair of strappy heels that can be for anything from clubbing to an art exhibition!

Take your licence and IDP

Like any stylish chick, you may be harbouring a fantasy to cruise along the Italian Riviera or speed your way down the Autobahn in a swanky European sports car. Most European countries require you to have an International Driving Permit. It certifies, in 10 languages, that your home drivers licence is valid. It displays your name and licence info along with your photo. This is not a substitution for a licence, so you need to have yours on hand too. You can apply for an IDP through an automobile association, for a small fee.

You should be feeling prepared for your super-stylish European adventure now! Just equip yourself with the absolute necessities, which don’t always include what you think you need, and act smart. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get into the swing of things!