The Pros and Cons of a Gel Fireplace

The Pros and Cons of a Gel Fireplace

You can’t deny that a fireplace is a luxurious and desirable addition to any house. The problem is, wood-burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces are expensive to run, and also offer a lot of mess and smell and require a lot of maintenance. A gel fireplace is a great alternative.

A gel fireplace is a free standing fireplace that you can choose to put in any room. Instead of using wood or gas fuel, a gel fireplace is lit up with small, replaceable cans of gel fuel that are odorless and burn as brightly as the fuel used for traditional fireplaces.

Not convinced? Here are some more reasons to get a gel fireplace, as well as the potential drawbacks to consider before you make up your mind.

Not Permanent

A gel fireplace requires little to no assembly and are very easy to install. That means they’re great for rented spaces, or any home in which you’d prefer not to make any permanent changes or do any construction in order to add a gel fireplace. Since they’re lightweight and easy to move, too, you can carry your fireplace from room to room if you need to.


With a gel fireplace, you can install a fireplace in any size house, and anywhere you want it. Traditional fireplaces are usually found in the living room, but with a gel fireplace you can have a crackling fire in your dining room, in your bedroom, even outdoors on your patio. An outdoor gel fireplace not only offers beautiful light on summer nights lounging outside, but can also burn citronella gel fuel that keeps your gatherings free from pesky mosquitos.

Low Cost

To light up your gel fireplace, you need to purchase gel fuel. The great thing about gel fuel is that it is pretty inexpensive. Good brands of gel fuel for your gel fireplace usually last about 3 full hours. You don’t have to burn your can all the way down though; you can blow out fire, and then reuse the cans later when it’s time to sit by the fireplace again. Gel fuel is even less expensive when you purchase it in bulk. Most gel fireplace companies have discounts not just for bulk orders but when you sign up for a regular delivery subscription.

Adds Coziness

A gel fireplace gives a warm and comfortable atmosphere to any room, as effectively as any traditional fireplace. It helps add ambiance, makes parties more festive, and adds a cozy, sophisticated touch to any room.


A gel fireplace uses gel fuel, which is alcohol-based. Gel fuel does not give off smoke or fumes, and the best gel fuel is completely odorless. A gel fireplace is also easy to clean up, since you just switch out gel fuel canisters instead of having to clean up ashes or scrub out soot.

The major con of a gel fireplace is that it is not as warm as a traditional fireplace, and so cannot really be used as a supplement to your usual winter heating methods. A gel fireplace can also get somewhat expensive if you wish to burn a fire continuously and go through gel fuel canisters very quickly, but the expense of a long-running fire is generally the same no matter what your fuel type.