The Bridesmaid’s Survival Guide

The Bridesmaid’s Survival Guide

It’s those five words that can make or break a friendship: will you be my bridesmaid. Whether she’s a co-worker you know fairly well or your best friend, she’s asking you with total sincerity and she wants an answer … soon. You’re probably tired of being another bridesmaid in yet one more friend’s wedding. You’re probably tired of satin shoes and formal gowns you keep throwing your money into. But weddings are extremely important occasions, and the role of the bridesmaid is one that can’t be taken too lightly. Below are some survival tips that will help you navigate the world of dyed shoes, matching chignons, unsavory groomsmen, and demanding brides.

Trying to Tame Brideszilla – Being a bride is a stressful and draining job. The bride tries to keep everyone in the family happy. The bride plays the role of wardrobe stylist, executive chef, director and producer. It’s a lot more than one woman can handle, and that’s where the bridesmaid comes into play. You are the one that keeps the bride from going crazy and losing her head. Keep her laughing. Take her to lunch when her mother-in-law gets too finicky about the flower arrangements. Help the bride delegate some of her responsibilities, and be the shoulder she needs to cry on when she wants to burst out in tears. This is the best way to support the bride.

Don’t Add Burdens – The bride already has everyone pulling her in every direction asking for special favors. She doesn’t need this from her bridesmaids. Even if you hate the dress she chose or the groomsman she matched you up with, keep it to yourself. Griping about it will only add stress to your friend, and that’s not your job. Remember that there are discomforts that come with this job, so when she hands you that sea-foam green bridesmaid dress with bows in the back, smile and pretend you love it!

The Banging Bachelorette Party – One of the perks of being the bridesmaid is attending the bachelorette party. Throw a great slumber party with fattening foods. Spend hours at the spa, or laugh the night away at a crazy comedy club with her friends. You don’t have to limit your party to something indoors. Take everyone to a theme park or go hiking, scuba diving or away for a weekend at the beach. This is the best way to spend her last single days with friends making wonderful memories.

Everyone knows that being a bridesmaid can be frustrating, but look at it as the chance to be a part of your friend’s special day. Get dolled up, share the love and dance the night away. It’s not asking for too much, right?