The Best Celebrity Fragrances

The Best Celebrity Fragrances

Celebrity fragrances are a niche part of the overall fragrance market. While most people know names like Chanel and Armani, there are many celebrities who have their own fragrance line. Some of these fragrances are terrible to smell and just poorly-constructed. However, there are others that are quite nice if you give them a chance. Take this into consideration when you’re trying to determine whether the celebrity fragrance you’re looking at is a means to make a money or a true testament to the celebrity’s style and passion about making great fragrances.

Mariah Carey’s line of fragrances that have been released through Arden started out as a bad idea to help her get over her “Glitter” phase. However, the fragrances got better and better until she released Dreams in 2013. Dreams is the fragrance from Mariah Carey that smells like the effervescent offerings from more prestigious perfumers such as Gaultier or Issey Miyake. While it is sweeter, it is still well-balanced and lovely to the nose.

When Britney Spears first started released fragrances, it was a good punchline for those who knew anything about the fragrance industry. However, Britney has rehabilitated her image over the years and has kept putting out new offerings. She got it right in 2013 with Island Fantasy. Firms like Escada are famous for their summer fragrances, and Britney hit a good note to compete with these sorts of fragrances with the soft smell of Island Fantasy.

Finally, we land on Elizabeth Taylor. Not only is she more famous than anyone else we could have put on this list, but her fragrances has lasted forever on the market. These have always brought her good luck, and her White Diamonds fragrance is still a hit because it smells like sophistication and elegance.

While you might think that your only choice is something new with Mariah or Britney, you can always fall back on Elizabeth Taylor and remember who started the celebrity fragrance craze in the first place.