Ten mistakes to avoid when building a new home

Ten mistakes to avoid when building a new home

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of watching your new house rise from an empty block of land to slowly turn into a home where you can spend the rest of your lives and raise a family. But with all the joy and exhilaration comes the very real danger that something could go wrong and end up costing you time and money. So here are ten mistakes to avoid when you are building your new home.

Safety first

Let’s start with the big ticket item – safety. A construction site, whether it is a multi-storey office block or a one person bungalow, is a dangerous place where all manner of things can go wrong without warning. Among the most dangerous are trenches, which can collapse if not properly secured. The most important tip is to make sure you have installed the correct safety systems to protect your workers from a trench cave-in. Click here for some ideas of the products available for trench safety.

Letting someone else tell you what you need

First of all, it’s your home and you know what you want! When you are building a house it is amazing the number of ‘experts’ who appear to tell you what you need. Advice is good, but don’t let them push you into things you don’t want.

The wrong builder

Pick a builder you can work with. This is your home and you’ll need a builder who understands your needs and is sympathetic to your financial position and other constraints. Of course, ensure your builder is correctly registered.

Building in the wrong spot

When you buy your land, make sure you have the ideal location. Check if public transport, schools and amenities are nearby. Also investigate council or government plans for new infrastructure such as rail lines and roads that might be built on your fence line in the future.

Incorrectly positioned building

Make sure the rooms in your home face the position you want. Note where the sun rises and sets and position accordingly. It’s no point having a ‘sun room’ that gets no sun or not being able to watch television in the afternoon because of western sunlight pouring through the living room window.

Stick to the plan

Once your house plan is developed, stick to it. Even relatively minor changes to the layout during construction can cost money and cause delays.

Breaking the budget

This is a no-brainer. Work out your budget early in the process and stick to it.

Poor lighting

Electric lighting should complement the natural lighting from windows and openings. Often they aren’t coordinated and create a dull effect.

Poorly thought out entrances

Put a little thought into your entrances and the traffic they might generate. If you put a doorway from the back yard next to a white shag pile carpet, you’re going to have an expensive cleaning bill over the years. Also consider drafts between entrances.

Room placements

Make sure your rooms are placed in positions that make living in the house comfortable. Don’t put a toilet, for example, off a dining area or kitchen. And you don’t want guests in the living room looking directly into your bedroom.

These are just a few of the common mistakes people make, but there are many more. By thinking ahead and knowing what you want, you’ll end up with the perfect home for you and your family.