Telltale Signs That You Probably Need To Get A New Car

I am one of those people that is quite “in tune” with their cars, perhaps obsessively so by many people’s standards! I can usually tell if something doesn’t look or sound quite right with my cars, and then I spend a period of time investigating or diagnosing any problems.

Whilst I would dearly love to never sell or get rid of any of my cars, it is a sad statistic that cars just end up becoming too uneconomical to repair once they reach a certain point in their lives, and even if I was a millionaire I still couldn’t justify spending silly amounts of money to keep an old car on the road; it just doesn’t make any financial sense, unfortunately.


Image credit: Ben Sutherland on Flickr

But the thing is, some motorists are just the complete opposite to me; they will just keep driving their cars and not really pay any attention to any unusual smells, noises or things under the bonnet that just ‘look’ wrong, and then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, their engine will suddenly decide that one of its pistons and connecting rods want to go their separate ways.

If you want to avoid being stranded on the side of the road because your car’s engine has just blown up, here are some signs that your car needs to be replaced sooner rather than later!

Your exhaust smokes a lot


Image credit: Eduardo on Flickr

It’s normal for all cars to emit a little bit of smoke every now and then, and, for the most part, the smoke you usually see is steam first thing on a cold morning. But if your car continually has thick plumes of smoke regardless of operating temperature or driving style, this usually indicates a big repair job!

Your engine keeps clanging and making weird noises


Image Credit: Tony Harrison on Flickr

Is your engine making a metallic scraping noise? Or perhaps it sounds the same as when a bearing is starting to fail due to a lack of lubrication? If either of those examples apply to you, I would highly recommend that you get rid of your car soon before your engine becomes scrap metal!

Your car spends more time with a mechanic than on the road



Image Credit: winterwined on Flickr

If your car spends more time with your local mechanic rather than on the road with you, this is a sign that you will need to sell your car and go buy something more reliable! With a plethora of car dealerships such as Pentagon-Group out there, it won’t take you long to find something decent to drive!

MOT tests cost you more than hundreds of pounds



Image Credit: Sam Saunders on Flickr

The maximum you would have to pay for an MOT test in the UK is just over £54, yet if you find yourself spending hundreds of pounds each year just to get your car through the MOT, this is a massive sign that you need to ditch your mot and buy something new!