Peer and Other Societal Influence on Workouts

Peer and Other Societal Influence on Workouts

Many workouts come about because of the influence either from closed peer or societal pressures. Young generation of today is very much aware of places where they can hangout, how they look, and whether or not they are accepted by their group.  If the trend is going to gyms youngsters would love to be there in the gyms to work out of course, but beyond that is to hang out with their friends.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be used as a powerful tool in making positive changes in health habits, particularly, in exercise. There have been studies carried out and the findings showed that kids or teenagers exercise more because of pressures from their friends. They are now aware that they need to look and feel good to be one with their peers. To do this, workouts become inevitable. It could also be that because they have this need to hang out with each other and many of them are into exercise, they might as well exercise and be in with the group.  Either way brings positive results. Many kids enroll workout activities during summer or every weekend. Some take taekwondo, basketball, lawn tennis, roller skating and many more.

Peer pressure does not only work for kids. It works for mothers too. Many mothers now are into aerobic dancing, ballroom dancing, zumba or taichi. They go to classes or sessions regularly within the week or every weekend. These mothers influence each other and workouts become their outlets from working too much, taking care of kids and family at the same time pampering their own selves for what they have done. Workouts become rewarding experiences and keep them away from boredom especially in doing household chores.

Other Societal Influence

While peer is part of societal influence, it was discussed separately above because of its proximity with the receiver or the one who will work out. On the other hand, influence can come from society in general. The norms of society put pressure on anybody who wants to conform. To become trendy and fashion oriented, one must have a body like that of celebrities or models. Some would prefer to be the first to inform others about his workout experiences and proud to be the result of his workout, the greatest loser in weight.

Parents are becoming conscious of their children having sedentary lives facing the computer monitors more than the running here and there expected of kids. So, what parents do is to enroll their kids to different workout programs to avoid obesity and other health risks.

Social media plays a major role in promoting the need to work out. There are available CD guides for starters as well as professionals on line ready to be downloaded. Social media also helps spreading higher consciousness on work outs by uploading results of studies every now and then. Programs on television like the greatest weight loser or complete makeovers also add to the awareness level to workout.

A Fusion

In order for both peer and other societal influences to work, we need to start somewhere. We have to comply first with the routines, identify with those who are already successful in their workouts, and finally internalize the routines into becoming part of our system.  It’s interesting.

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