Not Sure What to Do After High School? Here Are Three Trades to Consider

Not Sure What to Do After High School? Here Are Three Trades to Consider

Approaching the end of school is a scary time for most teenagers. Most people don’t know for sure what kind of career they want to pursue at this age – some people still have no idea what they really want to do when they’re in their 30s and 40s! Modern society puts a lot of pressure on us to go from school to college or university and seek an academic career. However, the reality is that manual/tradie jobs are very important to communities and can also be just as rewarding as the more intellectually demanding occupations.

If you’re struggling with assignments and exams, or if you simply find the schooling system doesn’t suit you, graduating from Year 12 to move onto more study is a daunting thought. Luckily, you can choose an alternative career path: become a tradie.

In the beginning, you’ll have to take up an apprenticeship. These can be very challenging, but in a completely different way to school. Once you’ve become qualified in your chosen trade, you’ll probably find the lifestyle of a tradie very fulfilling and flexible (this is what attracts many people to these professions in the first place).

If you don’t already have a trade in mind, read below to find out a bit about three trades that could be the perfect match for your future self.


Welding is a trade that is often overlooked, but it’s perfect for people who like working with metal and powerful tools. Find out more about welding at .

Welders are well-respected, technically skilled, and in high demand, which means this is a career that makes it easier to find a position compared to typical ‘desk jobs.’ The skills you’ll develop while learning to be a welder are also highly transferable, which will be very handy if you find later in life that you prefer a different trade.


Okay, so plumbing isn’t as fun as chasing Princess Peach from castle to castle. But if you asked Mario about his day job, we’re sure he would recommend becoming a plumber without hesitation. After all, plumbing is a skill that every man regularly wishes he possessed, particularly when the shower won’t stop dripping, the kitchen sink is blocked, or the toilet won’t flush!

Apart from being a useful trade in your own home, plumbing is a career with numerous other benefits, including fantastic pay rates, a job that won’t become redundant in financially tough times, and the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of multiple families each day. These perks make plumbing one of the most enriching trades out there.


Carpentry is a superb career option for someone who has a genuine interest and talent in the field. Like with most jobs, dedication and a true desire to deliver the best results are the ingredients for a highly successful (and very well paid) carpenter.

This trade is perfect for people who bore easily and love variety in their work life; carpenters typically work on a broad range of projects and jump quickly from one to another. You could be building household furniture one day and working on a corporate building the next! Plus, you’ll get to meet new and interesting people with every project, making carpentry one of the most social trades you can work in.