Must Haves for the Ultimate Urban Apartment

Must Haves for the Ultimate Urban Apartment

You may see the city lights each night and sleep to the sound of traffic, but you aren’t truly living the urban fairy tale until your apartment is decked out with the right gear. The list below tells you what you need before you can label your home as the ultimate urban apartment.

Fortunately, the ultimate urban apartment isn’t necessarily the one with the most expensive things in it. The choices we make and the value we place on the items in our homes are more significant than prices when it comes to having an apartment that you’re glad to come home to and more than happy to have your family and friends see when they visit.

The Entertainment

Okay, you don’t need a TV that covers a whole wall, but a nicely sized screen will make your apartment the perfect place to chill with friends during the footy grand final (or season finale of Master Chef, depending on your tastes!) Pair up your sweet TV with a wicked sound system and you’ll never have to pay a day’s wages for a trip to the cinemas again! Plus, parties at your place will rock. If your apartment is spacious and you’re into snooker or pool, a pool table would also make an excellent addition.

The Furniture

Whether your preferred style is antique, classic, modern, or retro, pick a theme for your apartment and find furniture to complement that theme. Central points of focus should be your lounges, dining set, and beds. If you can find furniture that looks great, suits your apartment’s look, and feels comfortable, you’ve hit the jackpot. But don’t forget: your furniture isn’t complete without the finishing, personal touches. Add cushions, rugs, quilt covers, and home decorations that reflect your personality and give your apartment a homely feel.

The Transport

Let’s face it: the fastest way to get anywhere in the heart of the city is on two wheels – not four, and not none. Grab yourself a stylish and suitable bike to get you from A to B ( click here to view our range of bikes and find your perfect cycling companion). Breezing past traffic jams with the wind in your hair is an essential element of living the urban dream; vines might be the way through the jungle, but your bicycle will be your best friend in the urban jungle.

The Artwork

Blank walls are boring (with the exception of stylish feature walls, of course), so jazz up your urban apartment with some unique and inspiring paintings or photography. Don’t be afraid to adorn your apartment with art that pushes the boundaries (visually or literally) – the modern ultimate apartment is not a conservative one!

The Love

The most important thing for making your urban apartment awesome is the quality of the people and relationships that exist between its walls. Filling your home with positive people and strong friendships is a guaranteed way of improving how happy you and your visitors feel when in your apartment. The aesthetics of your apartment are important, yes, but the personalities and conversations of its inhabitants are the secret ingredients for giving it that magical urban atmosphere.