Must Have Tools for the Kitchen

Must Have Tools for the Kitchen

Do you need to stock up your kitchen? There are plenty of things you may need to get to ensure that all of your meals turn out perfect and delicious. The following items should give you enough inspiration when you go kitchen supply shopping:


A Cheese Grater

Everybody needs a quality cheese grater in the kitchen. Ensure that your grater is nice and sturdy, or it could end up snapped in half as you try to shred that cheddar. Even if you don’t eat cheese, you can use it to grate things like fruit pith to give your dishes a nice citrus flavour.

A Good Set of Knives

All budding chefs and great kitchens need a good set of knives. This should include knives of all different sizes, including the all important meat cleaver. They should be high quality, and nice and sharp. Just be careful with them and keep them out of reach of children!

Quality Cutlery

Quality cutlery to eat your dinner is a nice touch when laying the table and having friends over. You can usually tell if cutlery is low quality, as it’ll feel flimsy in the hand and won’t look very shiny.

A Potato Peeler

You could peel potatoes by hand, but you’ll probably lose a lot of the potato. Potato peelers give you maximum potato with perfect peeling. No skills required.

A Blender

Whether you’re making soup, smoothies, or something else altogether a blender is an important bit of kit. You never know when one might come in handy!

A Hand Whisk

Although a blender will do the bulk of your blending jobs, a hand whisk can be great when making cakes or other baked good. You may only need to gently fold in the ingredients, in which case the hand whisk is a good tool. You might prefer blending by hand entirely too – there’s nothing quite like giving cake batter some welly as you prepare it for the oven!

An Egg Timer

Egg timers are the perfect little helper, but they aren’t limited to helping with eggs. Not only can you cook the perfect egg with one of these beauties, you can time all kinds of other meals too.

A Chopping Board

Chopping boards, whether you go for modern glass or rustic wood, are great for protecting kitchen surfaces. If you go without one, you run the risk of getting knife marks on your sides, as well as food splattered all over the place. They look really good too, especially when you serve freshly prepared food on them. Try creating a salad out of the Jamie Oliver Cook Book and see what you think!

Quality Pots and Pans

Cheap pots and pans will work, sure, but did you know they can alter the quality of our food? Cheap pans are coated in something that can let off chemicals when heated, and while you might not tell in the taste, it won’t be as good for your body. High quality, heavy pots and pans are a great addition to the kitchen.

Do you have any tools that you consider ‘must haves’? Leave a comment!

Image Author: Flickr