How Women Can Style Funky Socks

How Women Can Style Funky Socks

Funky socks seem to be all the rage in the world of fashion. Men and women can take advantage of this trend just about anywhere. It is acceptable at home, in casual settings, and at the workplace. In particular, fashionably conscious women can use this trend to update their current wardrobe. This does not require a lot of money out of pocket, but it will help her look current wherever she is going. Here are some fun ways to apply this trend.

Knee High Socks Under Boots

One of the biggest fashion trends for women is to wear knee high socks under their boots. This is a trend to where when they are wearing boots with a dress, skirt, or shorts. When the socks are added to the boots, it creates an extra element of fashion and personality. A woman can choose a fun color or a unique pattern. There are several fun patterns available including:

  • Stripes
  • Polka-dots
  • Animal prints
  • Chevron prints
  • Gingham prints

These are just a few examples of popular styles; however, there are many more. When worn under boots, they add extra texture to add outfit. The socks are also great accessories if a woman wants to wear less jewelry needs to cover up her legs during cold weather.

Socks With Pajamas

During the colder months of the year, it is important to stay warm. For this reason, many women like that have several pairs of socks on hand. It is often fun to have a few funky pairs that produce a happy mood when worn. Women usually love to wear these socks with their favorite pajamas. They sometimes wear the socks alone or with their favorite pair of slippers. Either way, they will feel on trend and warm at the same time.

Socks and Leggings

For a casual night on the town, it is completely acceptable and on trend to wear socks over leggings. These socks can be shorter or knee highs depending on the preference of the individual and the shoe being worn. For example, if a woman is wearing high top lace up boots, then shorter socks that are visible above the boot are probably fine. If the boots are knee high length, then knee high socks may be necessary. Also, knee high socks are sometimes nice if the woman wants to scrunch the socks for added texture.

Socks With Business Suits

At the office, funky socks are becoming more and more common. Both men and women wear these socks under their suit pants. It is a fun way to express their individuality when they are constricted to a more conservative dress code throughout the day. Depending on the person, these socks may be knee length of regular length. Some women like to invest in knee length socks because they keep their legs warm and stay up during he day. However, other women prefer the basic sock length. There is no right or wrong option.

Funky socks are fun and fashion forward. They are an inexpensive way for many women to update their style and showcase their personalities in a variety of different settings. The above examples are just a few ideas of how to apply this trend.