How To Style Your Man On A Budget

How To Style Your Man On A Budget

We love our men, but sometimes they need a little help in the wardrobe department. The great thing about being in a relationship is that we get comfortable with who we are. Men are the same. But sometimes they need some direction. So, tell him to ditch the hoodie and the old denim jeans that have seen better days and inspire him to look better for less.

By sticking to the basics and key wardrobe staples, he will look like a dreamboat in an instant. As we know, men are creatures of habit, so try not to force a drastic new look on him to quickly.

Stick to the basics, and he will look like a new man in no time! A limited budget does not mean having to compromise on style:

Go Crazy With Colour:

A few simple, colourful t-shirts are perfect for the summer. Try to avoid loud patterns and stick to classic t-shirt cuts, such as the round neck or v-neck for an overall timeless look. By simply incorporating colour into the wardrobe is a great way to invigorate the clothes that your man already has.

The Staple Shirt:

Smart, mens business shirts are the quickest way to update your mans wardrobe. A stylish, yet practical, shirt means he can go from office to bar in an instant as well as looking incredibly well turned out. We all love our man in a suit, so give him a head start by investing in a few good, quality shirts. Plain shirts look timeless, but candy stripe and gingham add a certain flair to an otherwise dull suit. Crisp shirts really do make the man.


While the price of a good pair of jeans can seem to blow the budget, it means that you will never have to keep replacing them. The great thing about denim is that it is hardwearing and durable. Do not go cheap with denim. Regardless of the budget, a denim blowout is needed to ensure that your man remains stylish and on trend for years to come. Go for classic indigo blue, as it never ages, meaning that you get more bang for your buck. Try teaming classic blue jeans with a crisp white shirt and killer brogues. Your man will look amazing and on trend in an instant.

Good Leather Shoes:

Regardless of the budget your man should have a decent pair of shoes on his feet. Invest in leather, as it is durable and hardwearing. Brown shoes look gorgeous with both a suit and jeans, and have a certain class about them that trainers simply do not. There are some great shoes on the high street at the moment, go for an everlasting loafer or brogue. These are key pieces that never go out of style.

Timeless Timepieces:

A stunning watch is the key to topping off a beautiful outfit. You do not have to blow the budget either. The high street offers a great range of watches to suit all budgets. Whether you go for a classic leather strap or a funk metal strap, a watch is the marker of a well dressed man.

With thanks to Robert Sheie for the dapper suit image.