How to Shift That Spare Tyre

How to Shift That Spare Tyre

Everyone has looked down at one point in their life and identified a little extra baggage being carried around. It can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve been working hard to rid yourself of it! The good news is, there are some great techniques that will shift even the most stubborn of spare tyres from your problem area.

Here are some ways to beat the bulge!

Cosmetic Cures

If you’ve really been struggling to get rid of the stubborn bulge that’s hanging around despite your best efforts, then you might be interested in a surgical solution such as liposuction.

Traditional liposuction involves removing excess fat from those problem areas through suction, and is one of the most affordable cosmetic solutions. You can also try the new method of Vaser liposuction, where a small probe dissolves the fat underneath the skin before it is suctioned. This decreases recovery time and allows the fat to be removed easier. You’ll see great results with either one. Companies such as Cosmos Clinic, found here, offer both treatments.

Personal Training

Some of us feel like we’re slaving away, day after day at the gym but just can’t seem to shift the last ounce of fat. Getting a personal trainer is a great investment – not only do they know exactly how to target your problem areas, but you really do boost your knowledge of exercise by learning the techniques and skills they’re teaching you. They’ll also tell you how to optimise your own personal workouts. Plus, they’ll kick your butt into gear!

Having a personal trainer makes you more accountable, and gives you the motivation to cross the finish line in terms of finally ridding yourself of the spare tyre!

Fasted Exercise

Fasted exercise isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s an incredibly effective way to burn fat fast! Essentially, it involves exercising after a period of not eating for six hours or more. While it’s not normally recommended doing exercise if you haven’t eaten all day, it’s perfectly do-able if you have just woken up from a long-night’s sleep.

If you do decide to start doing fasted exercise, make sure you have plenty of protein in your diet to help your muscles regenerate.

Don’t Forget Water

This may seem like the simplest trick in the book – but it’s one that often finds itself neglected. Drinking the right amount of water that your body needs actually facilitates the burning of fat, plus it makes you feel full. Often, people eat because they feel as though they are hungry, when it’s actually their body telling them they’re dehydrated. The recommended amount of water is around two litres per day. If you keep your water intake up, you might notice some great changes – both physical and in how good you feel!

Shifting stubborn spare tyres can be a very frustrating experience, however with the right frame of mind and strategy to tackle the problem areas, it can definitely be done!

What are some methods you’ve used to get rid of stubborn fat?