How to Pick the Right Type of Lawn for Your Backyard

How to Pick the Right Type of Lawn for Your Backyard

With so many different factors to consider, it can be hard to pick the right lawn for your backyard. Some turfs will flourish where others will wither and die. Think about the conditions you are in and use the list below as a guide to what lawn you should have in your backyard. Many turf farms sell these breeds, including Hancey’s Turf .


Perfect for backyards and parks, Wintergreen can survive kids and animals with ease. The deep root system and stretching runners make it a quick, self-repairing turf. Its fine leaves are soft to the touch, becoming a great cushion for when the kids get too rough. Wintergreen prefers full sun, but can stand a little shade. Once it’s established it requires very little watering and is drought tolerant. The low mowing height does make it relatively high maintenance.


A good all year turf, Palmetto keeps its colour even through winter. High mowing height and its dense growth are the perfect deterrent to fight against weed development. It has a broad flat leaf and few seed heads, which is great for kids with allergies. Harding and self-repairing, the medium depth root system also makes it drought resistant. In some low traffic areas it can grow in the shade with just three hours of sunlight.

Empire Zoysia

One of the hardiest turfs on the market, Empire Zoysia can grow just about anywhere. Able to grow sustainably in areas with 50% shade, so long as they are low use, it is also resistant to most lawn killers. Needing very little water to grow healthy, it is drought resistant and keeps a good colour through the colder months. The dense, yet fine leafed, growth is weed and lawn grub resistant. Empire Zoysia will grow in just about any soil, including sand and clay, and is salt tolerant for anyone living beach side.

Stadium Couch

If you want your backyard to look like a golf green, or withstand the beating of a football oval, then Stadium Couch is the grass for you. Very little seed head will grow out of Stadium Couch, which is great for anyone with allergies and reducing how often mowing is needed. It will survive well in warm weather, be it dry or humid climates. Unfortunately, the maximum shade it can withstand is just 15% a day, though weeds aren’t as common thanks to the good density of the foliage.

Grand Royal

Grand Royal is a specially bred buffalo variety from South East Queensland that can withstand the unpredictable climate. It has soft leaves with a deep green colour and requires very minimal care. It is weed resistant but needs full sun to grow optimally. Perfect for backyards or parks.

Picking the right turf can involve a lot of different factors, but with so many different varieties, the perfect turf for you backyard is out there somewhere. What kind of turf do you have and how do you keep it growing at its best? Leave your comments below.