How to Organise and Plan Your Own Garden Music Festival This Summer

How to Organise and Plan Your Own Garden Music Festival This Summer

Music festivals and summer go together like fish and chips, each having a sense of occasion and nostalgia. When you start thinking about the different types of music festivals that are held both domestically here in the UK and internationally, some famous names spring to mind – Isle of Wight (Bestival), Glastonbury and Benicàssim.

So, what do you do if you want to organise your own music festival in your garden?



A music festival is a great idea for any kind of celebration. They are also great if you plan to use the event to raise money.

The first thing to think about is the size of your garden, how many people can you realistically have in your garden together with all different types of music and festival essentials?

If you think you can attract a good sized crowd, then here is the next step.

Create a committee

Getting people involved at an early stage ensures that things run more smoothly later on. Set up a committee that will manage and support the following areas:

  • Entertainment: responsible for finding and booking bands and DJs.

  • Logistics: responsible for setting up and running the festival.

  • Promotions: responsible for invitations, and ultimately getting people to attend.

It is this committee that will be the glue that holds the music festival together.

What to consider


Once the committee is established, and people know their responsibilities, it is time to consider:

  • Audience: who are you trying to get through your garden doors to the festival?

  • When: think about when you want to hold the music festival, remember to be as realistic as possible.

  • Budget: how do you intend to pay for music festival? What can you spend on your festival? Will you be charging an entrance fee to recoup or raise money?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, organising a music festival can be a very complex undertaking. Event Management Companies, like the Mustard Event Management company, can help you with any part of this process.

Going it alone


If you think you can organise this yourself, and within your committee it is time to move on to booking your entertainment.

Booking the right entertainment will be dependent on the audience you want at your music festival, it will also hugely depend on your budget. Local bands will often play for free, to raise their own profile. Bands with a greater following may charge you something, but again this depends on what you are using your music festival for. For example, if you plan to use it to raise money, then bands and, or DJs may play for free.

Now you have considered entertainment, it is time to think about a few other things:

Catering: how do you plan to feed your audience, or what drinks to provide? An outside caterer would be an ideal choice if you plan your garden music festival to be quite big.

Promotion: how to you intend to spread the news? You can use free channels such as social media, or get the local press on the case, a combination of utilising lots of channels usually works the best.

These are just a few things to consider if you plan to organise a music festival in your garden. In reality there is much more to think about, including whether or not to use an events management company to lend their expertise.