How to Keep Food Fresh Longer

How to Keep Food Fresh Longer

Are you tired of buying food just to have it spoil a couple of days later? If so, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of things that you can do to make your food last longer. Below are some tips for helping your food last longer:

Store Pre-Prepared Food At The Top Of The Fridge

The top shelf is the warmest region of the refrigerator. That is why it is best to store pre-prepared food at on the top shelf. This includes things such as sauces, cheese and yogurt. You should also put your milk on the top shelf. It will last longer on the top shelf than it would if you were to put it on the door rack. If you put the milk on the door rack, then it will be warmed by hot air every time that you open the refrigerator.

Store Meat At The Bottom Of The Fridge

The bottom shelf is the coldest region in the refrigerator, so you should put poultry, fish and raw meat on the bottom shelf. You should also put food that it is in sealed packaging at the bottom of the shelf.

Use The Salad Crisper Drawer For Fruits And Vegetables

The salad crisper drawer is the best place to store fruits and vegetables. You should consider washing the strawberries in vinegar water to help them last longer. You may also want to consider storing potatoes with an apple.

Put Condiments On The Door Rack

The temperature on the door rack fluctuates because the refrigerator is constantly being opened and closed. The door rack is the ideal place for the condiments. Butter and margarine should be kept inside of the lidded compartment. This will help keep the butter and margarine extra cold, which will help them last longer.