How to Find the Right Pillow for You

How to Find the Right Pillow for You

There are few things as important as a good night’s sleep and the pillow on which you lay your head is fundamental to the quality of the sleep you enjoy. Think about it – we spend an estimated third of our lives in bed – and this makes investment in a pillow that is right for you all the more important.

Understanding the signs of poor quality sleep:

There are a number of signs that your bed and bedding is failing to provide you with the optimal conditions for sleep. Unsurprisingly, your mattress is vital and an excellent quality chiropedic mattress helps to ensure that your sleep is so restful and restorative that you feel energised and refreshed for the day ahead.

If you wake up feeling tired, with a neck that is sore or tight, with headaches or the sensation of pins and needles in your hands, the purchase of a new pillow is likely to make you feel significantly better.

The importance of the right pillow:

In many cases, back and neck problems are the result of incorrect posture of the spine. To alleviate such problems, correct posture is critical – even while sleeping.

For each individual, the right pillow should be the correct height for them. If you use a pillow that is the incorrect height, your joints and muscles are negatively impacted and snoring can even result when breathing is affected by the incorrect position of your head and neck.

If you need any further convincing of the need for the right pillow, let it be this: unless you have good sleeping posture, you are likely to wake continually, feel inadequately rested and experience symptoms such as neck stiffness and headaches. No one wants that.

What makes a pillow ‘right’?

When considering the range of different pillows available, it is important to select one that provides support to your head and neck in a neutral position. In the neutral position, your head and neck is kept in line with the rest of your spine.

In terms of height, the appropriate pillow height depends on the position you most favour while sleeping. The right pillow will give lasting support to your head and neck without requiring you to adjust your sleeping position, in an effort to be comfortable. Also, the right pillow for you allows no space between your neck and upper back.

With a supportive, good quality pillow, you will enjoy better quality sleep and sleep from which you wake feeling well rested and refreshed.

Best tips for selection of the right pillow:

When you are evaluating the options, keep the following tips at the forefront of your mind:

  • Ensure your pillow offers the right support for your head and neck. Sleeping awkwardly does you no favours.
  • Be aware of the position that you favour for sleeping as this will determine the level of height you want in your pillow.
  • There are many good reasons to choose a hypo-allergenic pillow. Over time, skin cells, fungus, dust mites and other unpleasant and unwelcome things can gather in your pillow and for people who experience asthma (as well as anyone who wants a hypo-allergenic pillow), memory foam pillows are a great idea.
  • Few people realise that the pillow you use should correspond with the size of your body. Typically, people with broad shoulders or larger frames benefit more from firmer pillows than people of smaller stature.
  • A pillow that is size adjustable is a very good idea. Such a pillow can make adjustment of pillow height all the more easy and help you to find a pillow height that offers supreme comfort, together with support.
  • Although few of us do it, it’s worth tracking the age of your pillow. Ideally and to ensure proper neck support, pillows should be replaced every 18 months.

It really is time to abandon the random technique most people use when choosing a pillow: trying a few and selecting the one that seems the best. Purchasing a pillow of excellent quality is definitely worth the investment as high quality pillows last and provide you with the support necessary for a wonderful night’s sleep.