Holidays Are Coming: Your Christmas Day Outfit Sorted!

Holidays Are Coming: Your Christmas Day Outfit Sorted!

Christmas day is a very special time of year for a lot of people. Because it only comes around once a year, it’s nice to make an effort to look presentable on the day. You want to be comfortable so you can eat your dinner and open presents in a relaxed way, but you should also aim to make your outfit look special. Use these ideas to get your outfit ready:

Girly Skirt and Tights

If you want to look pretty and girly on Christmas day, then you can’t go wrong with a pretty skirt and some thick tights to keep your warm. Skater skirt styles are very flattering, and look good with just about anything. This means you don’t have to worry about bloating when you’re eating your Christmas dinner! On the top half you could wear a jumper or even just a plain, long sleeved top. On your feet, either boots or heels will look lovely. Don’t forget to add some lovely accessories to an outfit like this, as it’s quite plain when left alone. You could wear a special charm bracelet and some sparkly earrings to make it look extra special.

Pretty Christmas Jumper

There are tons of pretty Christmas jumpers out there, and although you’ll probably only wear it once it’s worth investing in one. You could wear yours with dark jeans, boots, and a scarf. You aren’t limited to that though; style it however you want. Keep your hair casual but pretty by styling it in a high, messy top knot.

Ugly Christmas Jumper

Ugly Christmas jumpers might not be all that nice, but they sure are a lot of fun to wear! You can wear them with whatever you fancy, from skirts and tights to leggings. Make sure you make your ugly jumper the focal point of the outfit, by avoiding wearing too many other colours or quirky items. You could even buy your ugly jumper in advance and go Christmas shopping in it, to the work’s do, and anywhere else you can think of!

Cosy Sparkles

Christmas day is the perfect excuse to dress up in some sparkles. A long skirt with iridescent sparkles all over it would look great when paired with a chunky knit scarf and cardigan. You could even wear a short sparkly skirt with a pair of black tights and loose fitting jumper, to help give it a casual edge.

Printed Leggings and Fluffy Jumper

If you don’t want to make a statement with a jumper or sparkles, you could do it with your leggings instead. You can find all kinds of festive leggings out there; all covered in snowflake patterns and reindeers. These look great paired with a neutral coloured jumper, and of course a pretty scarf to add another layer to your outfit. Wear with cosy boots for the perfect Christmas day ensemble!

If you use this guide as inspiration, I guarantee you’ll come up with a cute and cosy Christmas outfit to wear as you enjoy time with your loved ones. This day only comes once a year, so make the most of it!

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