Go Paleolithic for a Week

Go Paleolithic for a Week

Keeping all members of the family properly fed is a big task because the concept of “the best diet” keeps changing. As scientists and researchers continue to explore the ideal human diet, many believe that eating¬†paleo–the way our paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors did before the farming agricultural age–is the key to better health.

Why eat paleo?
According to Robb Wolff, author of “The Paleo Solution,” adults eating a paleo diet can quickly drop five to ten pounds if overweight. But, since this is family meal planning, how does paleo diet affect the kids? Robb’s statement that ancestors from the Neolithic age had shorter children got our attention.

Wolff says that the average person lost six inches in height! Today, he says, corn, oats, and dairy could stunt children’s growth. (And does anyone really eat enough vegetables and fruits?)

A diet featuring grains and dairy foods may prevent the body from absorbing nutrients. Wolff says that eating processed or whole grains and dairy foods can even trigger autoimmune diseases that are unrelated to celiac disease or gluten allergies. Peter D’Adamo, M.D., (“Eat Right For Your Type”) supports the idea that paleo diets can help some people get and stay healthier.

Paleo diets seem like common sense. But parents will certainly want to know:

  • How do we get kids to eat paleo meals?

Kids–and everyone–love colorful meals
Fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast and snacks are an easy way to get fresh, whole foods into everyone’s diet.

  • Get children involved in making and blending whole food smoothies. They love seeing all the colors whirl together. Fresh fruits make smoothies deliciously sweet. Add frozen fruit for extra textural appeal!

For paleo dinners, lightly saute’ or steam colorful green, red, yellow, and orange vegetables with meat, poultry or fish. Use julienne green vegetables or carrot ribbons instead of pasta to avoid grains. Select organic meats and poultry when possible. Eh voila: You’re eating paleo!