Five Reasons Your Family Will Love An Open Plan Home

Five Reasons Your Family Will Love An Open Plan Home

With the Australian housing market as it is more and more Australians are choosing to build instead of buy; factors such as location, budget and design are all play a big part in the decision process of owning a new home. Luckily, through companies such as Coral Homes Australia , one of these factors, design, just became a whole lot easier. With a variety of open plan homes available, relaxed living has never been easier; your family will love an open plan home, for five very good reasons.

Everyday living

In today’s modern era, the Australian family is a complex system. With busy lifestyles and never ending to-do lists, quality home time is hard to come by. Open floor plans encourage everyday communication and integration between all elements of the household. Someone can cook dinner in the kitchen, while still chatting with another person who is folding washing in the lounge room whilst watching the news. It’s a family friendly lifestyle, made affordable and easy.


By making use of large, exposed spaces, an open plan home allows natural light to flow through the home. With a lack of interior walls, sunlight from windows in the exterior walls is free to immerse the inside of the home. Natural light not only improves mood, as it helps save on energy use its also economically viable. Aesthetically, a naturally lit, open plan home illuminates the interior and creates a beautiful living space for you and your family.


If you’re working with a small land package, open plan homes function especially well in houses with les square footage. You can make more use of the space by combining several, usually separate, rooms into one open space. This floor plan, while utilizing the area, also gives the illusion of a more spacious home, with less confined areas sectioned off. If you’re short on space, why not build up? A larger floor area, collective with high ceilings, is a great way to emphasize space in an open living plan.


The Australian family is ever changing, and the family home needs to be ready to adapt. With an open plan home, structural changes can be implemented, in a stress-free, prompt manner- for whatever the reason. Whether its adding a bedroom to accommodate a new baby, or converting a child’s room into an office once they’ve moved out, creating a new room can be as simple as borrowing unused space from a larger room.


Perhaps the main reason your family will love an open plan home, is the ease of mobility. If you need to move furniture around, there’s no having to hold doors back or scratching that antique wooden table as you squeeze it through a small, awkward space, (moving in will be especially hassle free). With easy access, an open plan home is also more wheelchair friendly, as it has large open spaces to get around in, without those cumbersome doors getting in the way! Social gatherings also just became a whole lot easier, with your new open plan home, you and your family are sure to be the toast of the season!