Find Your Perfect Lipstick

Find Your Perfect Lipstick

Many women are nervous when it comes to wearing lipstick. It can be very easy to get the wrong shade and end up looking older, cheap or downright silly. If done right, however, lipstick can enhance your natural beauty and complement your style. You simply have to learn to match the right shade to your skin tone.

Natural Lips
There’s a straightforward way to remember the right shade for a simple, natural lip look. Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown says to stick to colors that are one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. This should guarantee a pretty daytime smile.

Fair Skin
If you’re the pale and interesting type, stay away from anything too dark or you’ll end up with a gothic look. If you want to go for something striking and dramatic, try a bold red instead. Nude shades will always suit pale skin, as will anything peachy and pink.

Medium Skin Tones
Berry and rose shades look great on those with olive skin. Avoid any shade that features too much brown, as this will simply blend into your skin and won’t showcase your lips. If you’re looking for a classic red lipstick, try and find one that has a deeper shade rather than a bright red.

Dark Skin Tones
Most lipstick shades look good on those blessed with dark skin, but bright colors will bring a fun, vibrant element to your look. Deep reds work best if you’re aiming for a touch of glamour.

Scared To Go Red?
A full, bright red lip can be a little intimidating to lipstick novices, so for a more subtle look try this trick. Simple apply some lip gloss to get a smooth shine, then put some red lipstick on your finger and rub it over the gloss. This will create a slightly quieter red that will work well for day or night.