Filthy Things You Never Clean – That You Really, Really Should

Filthy Things You Never Clean – That You Really, Really Should

How clean is your home? I’m betting you think it’s sparkling and free from dirt, germs and all kinds of nasties. Well, there’s every chance that your kitchen and bathroom are exactly that – but there are other parts of the home that often get overlooked. So, take a look at my hit list of things that are forgotten in many homes when it comes to the home. There could be a few surprises.

Your rubbish bin

OK, so you empty your bin daily and never let it overflow. But how often do you wash out the bin itself? If it’s anything less than once every fortnight, you can expect a few nasty smells to start to appear. It’s more of a problem in the summer months, too. With all the warm weather, all that bin juice at the bottom can be a breeding ground for all kinds of horrible bacteria. Clean it with a little spray of vinegar, rinse with warm water and let it drip dry for a while. It’s that easy – so make sure you are keeping on top of it!

Your door handles

Just have a think about how many times you touch a door handle on an average day. Now think about how many other people touch the same door handle. Family, friends, visitors, the gas man, delivery drivers – the list can be quite extensive. But how often do you wash your door handles? I’ll be honest, it’s not something I ever thought about until recently, but after reading a few articles, it’s now on my daily to-do list. And there it will remain until I save up for one of these self-cleaning door handles.

Your remote control

The TV remote is something that gets held after and during eating food, visiting the bathroom, and putting out the bins. In fact, it is regularly exposed to almost anything else that could transfer germs. But does it ever get cleaned? Most households I know of certainly don’t think to give their remote a regular wash. Not only is it held a lot, but most of them are designed to attract dirt and gunk. All those inset buttons can house enormous colonies of bacteria. So, why not try out getting a membrane switch cover so you can just wipe clean and disinfect in a second? It will save you time – and improve your health.

Your air conditioning

Air conditioning and heating systems are one of modern life’s ultimate luxuries. They keep us warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer months. But unless you keep up with their maintenance and clean them regularly, they will build up a lot of bacteria and germs. And, when you turn them on, they will start to travel all around your house. This can cause problems for anyone with young or old lungs or breathing conditions. Get them checked regularly to keep your air quality healthy.

These are just four examples of how simple things around the house are often taken for granted. If you really want a super clean home, then make sure you are giving them a proper clean.