Engagement Party Essentials

Engagement Party Essentials

An engagement party is a brilliant opportunity for friends and family from both sides to finally meet and get to know one another. In order to plan an excellent engagement party, make sure you treat it as a meet and greet event with mingling at the forefront of your mind. Engagement parties are usually thrown a little after an engagement, a while before the wedding. You should never plan it so lavishly that you end up upstaging your wedding, but there are some essentials that will make it great fun for all. Let’s take a look:

Small Cocktail Tables

By using small cocktail tables, regardless of whether this is a dinner or cocktail party, you’ll encourage your guests to socialise with each other as well as dance and drink. This will make your engagement party a great celebration overall, so don’t underestimate the power of small tables.

A Buffet Meal

Buffet style meals are perfect for this kind of celebration and always popular. Ideally you should choose food that can withstand being heated for a prolonged amount of time. You can also include small desserts like cookies, cupcakes, and perhaps even a pick ‘n’ mix cart that the guests can help themselves to.

A Colour Scheme

You don’t want to outshine your actual wedding, so you should never overdo the decor of your engagement party. However, you should pick a nice colour scheme so that everything ties in together nicely. You can also use nice little touches like fairy lights!

Background Music

Music always brings people together, so good background music is an essential. It’s also a great way of disguising any awkward silences when your guests have gone quiet for a while. Mellow music is great for the start of the night while everybody is having a chat and a bite to eat, but a more upbeat playlist that everybody can enjoy after food will encourage your guests to dance.

Light Entertainment

Light entertainment can make an engagement party lots of fun, so think about what you can afford with your budget. You could simply play a party game or two designed to help your guests interact and get to know one another, or you could hire a photo booth. Why a photo booth? Because all of your guests can pile in and take some fun photos to take away with them!

Your Wedding Guests

The people you’re planning on inviting to your special day should be invited to your engagement party. If you’re not planning on inviting somebody to your actual wedding, don’t invite them to this! They’ll only wonder what they did wrong to offend you and get banned from your nuptials. Invite everybody who’s special to you and who you know will make your day all the more amazing.

That’s it! That’s all you could possibly need for an amazing engagement party to celebrate your future marriage. Tick off these essentials as you go to ensure you and your guests have the most wonderful time!

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