Don’t Let Your Internet Presence Derail Your Job Search

Don’t Let Your Internet Presence Derail Your Job Search

Employers today are very likely to go online and research the internet presence of applicants. The information online can help or hurt a potential employee. Postings from years ago could even cost someone a job. Several steps will help make certain your Internet presence does not derail your job search.

Remove Questionable Content Immediately

Any questionable content should be removed from social media accounts and personal websites. This includes postings that could be taken out-of-context by a potential employer. Even things that seem mostly harmless could make employers think twice.

Stay Positive

Any online interactions and postings should be positive when looking for work. Employers do not want to see pages of negative, condescending and pessimistic posts. Posts should be either neutral or upbeat. Negativity and pessimism should stay offline.

Use Alternate Accounts

If a strong internet presence is really important, then use alternate accounts to post. Some social media sites allow users to create second accounts. It will also help to use completely different Internet channels. The alternate accounts should have different names and not tie back to personal accounts employers could see.

Scrutinize Every Picture

Every picture that is posted while job hunting needs to be scrutinized to make sure there is nothing inappropriate in the photo. This should include potentially illegal activities and behaviors that would indicate irresponsibility to employers. If anything in the photo can be misinterpreted, then it needs to stay offline.

Do Not Make Inappropriate or Controversial Postings

It is very important to not make any controversial or inappropriate postings while looking for a job. Nothing political or offensive should be put online. Politics and offensive language are two things employers are looking for online when researching applicants.

Research Yourself

Take a second and research yourself through different search engines to see exactly what employers will see. Anything bad that comes up needs to be taken care of fast. This is the best way to find anything questionable online that might have been forgotten over the years.