Designing A Customized Banner

Designing A Customized Banner

While having a custom banner for your business is a great advertising tool, it will only be an effective tool if it has an effective design that catches the eye and really makes people stop and take notice. If you’ve never used signs and banners before, you should know that the design is the most important aspect, not how big they are or what they’re made of or how much you pay for them. An unappealing sign will make anyone who looks at it think that you have an unappealing business.

 Visual Impact

 When you first start to design a banner, you’ll want to decide on which color scheme will attract the eye. You’ll also want to choose a font that is both readable and fits with your type of business. Banners and signs should have a call to action that’s in large text and smaller text for the rest of the message. Another key aspect of effective banners and signs is simplicity. Dressing up a banner is the same as dressing yourself up, you don’t to put on too many colors or accessories. A few well-chosen colors paired with the right watch, bracelet or earrings can go a very long way.

The Call to Action

Your call to action should give the reader a sense of urgency and make them feel that they have to find out more about your business. If it’s an Internet banner that you’re using rather than a physical banner, that banner should make someone pause in reading whatever else is on the screen and divert their attention to your banner. A simple “Click Here” or “Try This For Free” is simple and effective.

The Image

We live in a very visual day and age. From smartphones and digital movies to e-readers and TV screens, mind-blowing visuals are all around us. This doesn’t mean that you have to display your ad on a massive 3-D screen, just that you need to incorporate an image with your ad that will generate the most interest. Don’t go for cheap gimmicks or anything that has been used time and time again, choose an image that is reflective of your business and your message.

Smaller is Better

If you’re using online banners, keep them small and under 10k bytes so that they can be easily downloaded. The faster your banner downloads, the sooner the viewer will see it. You can also use banners that are roughly 470 or 500 pixels wide.

Engage the Audience

Get the audience involved with your ad. You could have a simple contest, giveaway, raffle or even a fun game. You might be surprised at how much time people spend on the games on social media sites. If you can get them to play a game that’s associated with your business, you just might bring in some new customers and clients. Just make sure that the game isn’t too long or too difficult. You could also offer a free, no-obligation gift if customers sign up for one of the services that your business offers. Just make sure that the service is a popular and useful one.

Designing an effective banner is easier than you think as long as you’re sure that you incorporate the right elements and allow the right banner and sign company to make your advertisement.