Cut Down on Your Caffeine Consumption

Cut Down on Your Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is present in a lot of things that I enjoy eating such as my delicious café au lait, chocolate bars and an ice cold Coke. Unfortunately, too much caffeine makes me jittery, stressed out and to lose sleep. Here are some easy steps to take that will help anyone deduce their caffeine intake.

List all Sources of Caffeine

Some foods are obvious sources of caffeine such as the aforementioned chocolate and coffee. However, there are other sources. Energy drinks, OTC pain killers and other medications and even chewing gum may contain high amounts of caffeine, and they are not obligated to list how much on their labels. When all the sources are listed, it becomes easier to select the ones to avoid.

Stop Slowly

There’s no point is stopping all caffeine at once because this can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as a bad headache, tiredness and lack of concentration. To avoid this, caffeine should be gradually reduced. Instead of two Cokes or other beverage, one can be replaced with plain water or a fruit drink without caffeine.

Make a Choice

Caffeine intake can be drastically reduced but not completely stopped with a little careful selection. Some other suggestions are an espresso shot that has about half the caffeine as a cup of regular coffee and sugar-free hot chocolate, which has less caffeine too. Weak coffee has less caffeine than strong coffee and there is a huge variety of herbal teas that are delicious and don’t have caffeine. Weak coffee may sound worse than no coffee. In that case, a half-caffeinated drink reduces the caffeine intake and still tastes strong.

Try Tea

Regular black, green or white tea still has caffeine, but not as much as coffee and it doesn’t give the coffee slump. Tea is also much better for your health than coffee. There are many different types of tea that can be taken plain, with milk and sugar or with lemon and sugar. They taste good and have less caffeine than coffee or soda drinks.