Considerations to Make Before Splashing Out on a Leather Jacket

Considerations to Make Before Splashing Out on a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets aren’t cheap, especially real, high quality leather jackets. Splashing out on one is a big decision for anybody, so there are a few considerations you should make before saying goodbye to your cash. Read on to make the best choice:

Style Matters

There are a ton of different styles you can choose when looking at leather jackets. You need to choose the style that you think you’ll wear most, and will look most versatile with the other items you choose to wear. Here are a few you might come across:

  • A belted leather jacket can look nice and fitted, and looks quite good for a formal occasion.
  • A bomber leather jacket is a great style to help keep us not only stylish, but warm too.
  • A fringed leather jacket looks very ‘boho’ and is perfect for festivals and breezy summer days.
  • A distressed looking leather jacket adds a bit of an edge to just about any look.


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Type of Leather

There is more than just one kind of leather to choose from when buying a jacket. All of the different kinds have different pros and cons, so you need to select the right kind for your lifestyle.

  • Cowhide – this is the most common kind of leather jacket you’ll find on the high street. It gets softer the more you wear it, and is quite tough. Good for everyday wear.
  • Horsehide – this is a less common kind of leather, but it’s very strong. In fact it’s so strong, that it can be difficult to break in. You won’t find better protection with any other kind of leather.
  • Calfskin – this kind of luxury leather is soft and durable. It’s commonly used in shoes, but is sometimes used in leather jackets too. It’s good because it doesn’t show up blemishes easily. Although these jackets are warm, they are lightweight.
  • Lambskin – this kind of leather is the softest available. In some cases it can rip and tear easily. It’s expensive, so if you’re going to be wearing your jacket on the back of the motorbike, I wouldn’t recommend this delicate material.

How You’ll Style It

What kind of look are you hoping to emulate with your jacket? It’s easy to create a kind of ‘rock star’ look with a distressed leather jacket, no matter what kind of outfit you wear with it. Your leather jacket can also give off a professional vibe if you choose to wear it with a shirt and tie.

The Colour

You can find lots of colours of leather, so making sure you get the most versatile for you is your best option. Black suits most people, and will go with just about anything. Red is an option, but it can be difficult to look good in this colour. Deep brown is also nice, without being as harsh as black. Light brown is less common but can look great when styled right.

Make Sure it Fits

Lastly, this jacket should fit you properly. It shouldn’t be too short or too long in the body/sleeves, and the shoulders should fit just right.

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