Best Car Sharing Services

Best Car Sharing Services

Consider car sharing as an alternative to owning a vehicle. It’s extremely convenient, and it’s up to you to choose which service works for you. “Sharing the ride” spreads the cost around, and it’s an awesome green alternative.


You’ll find Zipcars parked on city streets all across the U.S. Members use a “Zipcard” to unlock the vehicles. There’s an annual membership and cost range between $8 and $15 per hour. They’re widely available in many large and small cities, so check out their website for more details.


Car2Go is currently only available in a few cities such as Seattle and Austin. You can rent for only minutes or by the hour. Cars can be picked up from anywhere in Seattle. A “member card” unlocks the vehicle and it’s all yours. There’s a membership fee and driving rates start from just over 40 cents per minute.


Getaround has an all together different concept. They create access to cars from regular car owners. Vehicles are unlocked using your cell phone, and it’s free to join. Rental cost can range from $4.50 an hour to $60 (high end vehicles). Currently this service is only available in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Austin and Portland areas.


RelayRide is another peer-to-peer sharing service. Rent by the day or week. There aren’t any membership fee requirements. RelayRides is available in most major cities with the exception of New York.

City CarShare

This is a nonprofit organization located in the San Francisco Bay area at the moment. Access is affordable and available. The cars can be found in public and private parking lots in San Francisco, and fees vary from $5 to $0.35 miles driven.

Using car sharing is a money and commitment saver, and it’s the “green” thing to do. Knowing your options can make getting around town so easy. Find out what’s available in your area. New fleets are popping up everyday.