An Easy Guide To Styling Your Man

An Easy Guide To Styling Your Man



Looks are important. There’s no escaping that fact. Whether we like it or not, our appearances can make a huge impact on the way we are viewed by others and even how we portray ourselves. Aesthetic appeal can help us in relationships and can even assist us in our careers. It might not necessarily be fair but it is true.

Your man doesn’t have to be Brad Pitt to look aesthetically pleasing and we know you love him no matter what. However, it’s easy to let our looks go as we age, especially when we are in a long-term relationship. But trust us, helping your fella get back to his best will improve your lives.

A man that’s in shape is far easier to style so getting him into the gym is a great starting point. Even if he moans at first, he’ll soon thank you for it once he sees changes in the mirror. Those will be naturally be reflected in his own self-confidence. The rewards are too big to ignore so don’t accept excuses. Besides, you could join him to make it an activity to be shared.

When it comes to fashion, you probably have the best idea on what colours and styles suit your man. Ultimately, no two men are identical and therefore you cannot push them all into the same bracket. Finding something that works for them is the key.

Nevertheless, it is worth keeping abreast of the latest trends to keep your man’s look on point. You’ll probably pick up some great tips even if the specific styles aren’t ideal.

The modern man needs to look presentable for both work and play. Therefore, his natural presentation is far more important than his wardrobe. Whilst it’s important to remember that men are men, a little bit of metrosexuality never hurt anyone, even if it just means regular haircuts.

One thing that your man should be looking to avoid is irritated skin and blemishes as they can make you look dirty or give the appearance of a spotty teenager. Good skin care, coupled with learning how to shave and get rid of shaving rash will instantly transform your man’s appearance for the better.

As already mentioned, there’s no set blueprint when it comes to clothing and this has to be tailored around the natural looks and personality of the man in question. However, one item that you cannot afford to get wrong is the shoes.

A choice of footwear is crucial to completing your man’s look and can give off a whole host of different signals depending on what he wears. Likewise his bag is another huge factor in creating the first impression, so urge him to ditch that old rucksack he’s had since university and upgrade to something more suitable.

Styling your man shouldn’t be about changing him completely. Instead, it should just be a way to enhance what he is already blessed with. Get it right, and it will bring vast improvements for both of you.