Alternative Methods for Shedding Those Christmas Kilos

Alternative Methods for Shedding Those Christmas Kilos

The festive season is a season of love, joy and giving. Unfortunately, it is also the season of excessive food consumption and little exercise. The New Year is a good time to take action and shed those Christmas kilos. So here are some alternate weight-loss methods to trial this year.

Health and Wellness Retreats

Certified health retreats, such as Chi Of Life, offer weight loss, health and wellness programs that endow their participants with the essential skills needed to adopt a more positive way of living. These retreats teach you how to cook well-balanced, well-portioned and nutritious meals. A top quality wellness retreat will also provide you with exercise regimes to meet your weight loss and fitness goals. They are designed to alter your lifestyle choices and way of thinking to become healthier and more progressive.


While it might not be the first thing you think of when you are considering shedding some extra kilos, skipping is an incredibly effective workout. If you skip at a high enough pace for 30 minutes you will burn around 1560 kJ, which is more than you would lose if you ran at a speed of 10km/h for the same amount of time. Skipping is especially effective if you can do short bursts throughout a strength workout. The best part about skipping is that you can do it anytime and anywhere; you can pack a skipping rope and skip every day, even when traveling.


Most people think of hiking as a leisurely exercise. Although hiking allows you to get outdoors, take in some fresh air and see some beautiful sites, it also burns a lot of fat. If you walk at a consistent pace, even without a backpack, you can burn over 800 kJ every 30 minutes. You can increase the amount of kilojoules burnt per half hour if you carry a pack with some weight in it.


If you have gotten yourself into bad eating routines, it can be difficult to shake the cravings and poor eating habits. Acupuncture can be an effective cure for emotional and hormonal imbalances that contribute to overeating. Acupuncture can also revitalise your body by improving your mood, energy levels and sleep quality. Specific acupuncture that targets digestion points and your metabolism can cut cravings and help your body break down food and absorb more nutrients.


While it may seem unrelated, seeing a chiropractor can help you on your journey to lose weight. If you have any muscular or joint pains that are preventing you from exercising, it is important to get these remedied before and during new exercise regimes to keep you feeling fit and healthy. Chiropractic sessions can help you feel revitalised and increase your likelihood of successfully losing weight.

While they may not be conventional, these weight-loss techniques can help you shed those extra pounds. If you stick to it, you can have your health and fitness in check in no time. What other alternative weight-loss methods have worked for you?