A Weekend in Portland

A Weekend in Portland

Portland is a town with something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in a weekend out with your friends or a quick family vacation, Portland has a large selection of activities to satisfy your needs.

Tax-Free Shopping

Looking for that major brand purchase? Or maybe you’re in the market for a handcrafted souvenir? Whatever you’re trying to find, Portland has it. It’s everything you expect from shopping in the big city, minus the sales tax.

Activities for the Kids

There are loads of family activities in Portland. Children of all ages will love the baby elephants at the zoo, and there are plenty of theme parks to visit as well. And for those interested in an educational experience, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has you covered.

Parks and Gardens

Portland has always prided itself on being a green city, so it’s no surprise to find so many outdoor spots to visit. In addition to all the parks and hiking trails – several of which are kid-friendly – there are also nature preserves just outside the city.

The Great Outdoors

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, you won’t have to go far. There are any number of forested hiking trails, cycling paths, and camping areas within easy traveling distance. And for the more adventurous among us, there is also kayaking as well.

Sporting Events

Soccer, basketball, and hockey, Portland has all your sports needs covered. Whether you’re a fan or just a spectator, you can enjoy a festive atmosphere as you watch top athletes go head-to-head. And for the more eclectic sports fans, there is also horse racing and roller derby.

The Nightlife

The fun doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down. Hosting a number of dance clubs, karaoke bars, and comedy clubs, this is a city that knows how to enjoy the nightlife. Portland is also home to many different music venues, each with A-list musicians.