A Practical Guide to Quitting Smoking

A Practical Guide to Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is tough. Let’s be honest, the thought of quitting can be something of a nightmare. Whoever said it was going to be easy was telling porkies. If you are keen to kick the habit, and lead a healthier life, now is the time.

There are so many different forms of nicotine replacement products on the market that you no longer have an excuse.

Come on, break the habit and feel better!

Willpower: Mind Over Matter

The first thing that you should do is pick a quit date. If you are keen to stop smoking, you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. List all of the reasons why you no longer want to smoke.

Take a look at these reasons and see if you identify with any of them:

You have recently found out that you are pregnant

You have children

You have concerns about your health

You want to save money

You no longer want to smoke

If can identify with any of the outlined reasons, now is the time to quit.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues that you are quitting smoking. You will find that they are very supportive of your decision. The support of your loved ones will prove to be valuable during this time. They will also understand your reasons for being bad-tempered during this period!

Cold Turkey: A Daunting Prospect

As a smoker, the thought of going without a cigarette can seem difficult. Going cold turkey does work for some, but not for others. If you decide to kick the habit altogether, pick a quit date and bin your cigarettes. This includes lighters and ashtrays. Declutter your smoking paraphernalia. The first week will be tough, but you will get there. Persevere. The benefits of not smoking are endless.

Nicotine Replacement Treatments

For those that are not brave enough to go cold turkey, there are a wide variety of options available to you. You can seek advice from your GP, who may prescribe you various forms of nicotine replacement therapies. You can choose from:




Your GP will advise you of what treatment is best for you. They may want to do a health check to ensure that you are getting the best possible care for your circumstances.


You have no doubt heard about the many wonders of vaporizers. While these haven’t had approval yet, they are proving to be very popular for those who are keen to stop. If you are eager to ditch the cigarettes, but are finding it hard to quit, these provide the perfect solution. The vaporizer also gives you something to do with your hands. They are perfect for those who are struggling with conventional, prescribed nicotine replacement treatments. The selection afforded to you is phenomenal. Check out the vaporizerblog to see customer and product reviews. These nifty little gadgets may be the perfect solution to your smoking dilemmas.

Smoking is not big or clever. Now is the time to quit. Your health depends on it.


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