5 Renovation Ideas for your Bathrooms in 2014

5 Renovation Ideas for your Bathrooms in 2014

Renovating your bathroom can add loads of value to your home as well as making it that much more comfortable to live in. If you are tired of your old bathroom perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and renovate. There are some beautiful trends in bathrooms this year, so why not jump in and create a brand new bathroom. Here are 5 simple renovation ideas to help you create a hot new bathroom in 2014.

It’s All about Elegance in 2014

The shabby chic, boho and relaxed bathroom finishes are out. Elegance is in and in in a very big way. Clean sophisticates lines, classic styles and formal structures are right on trend for bathrooms in 2014. Bathrooms are carefully planned, uncluttered. The emphasis is on quality not quantity. Bathrooms in 2014 are experiencing Japanese influences with minimalism being the order of the day – textured wallpaper alongside black or grey tiles or slate and classic fittings. Hop online to sites like http://www.hallandbaum.com.au/ to get some great bathroom ideas.

Colours are Minimalist

Colour schemes are following the minimalist theme for 2014. Bright colours are noticeably absent. Crisp whites, antique white, cream, beige and soft pastels are dominating bathrooms this year. Colour definition is being applied through fittings. A dark charcoal sink against a white palate in walls and floors will create a vibrant accent to your bathroom. Colours as well as fittings should create a clean and simplistic feel.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are big for 2014. Timber or the wood look is very popular as is marble and natural stone. Think classic and you can’t go wrong. Materials should not be overstated or overused. It is all about simplicity and minimalism. You can add some depth to sleek surfaces with ornaments, towels and soft furnishings. Marble, stone or timber will add warmth to the neutral colour scheme. Texture can be included through the use of textured wall papers and tiles. Mosaics are on trend as are ceramic and glass tiles. Timber bathtub units are a new trend that creates stunning style results.

Bring on the Light

Natural light is a big trend. Bathrooms are becoming increasingly luxurious and something of a sanctuary for stressed and busy homeowners. Homebuyers are looking for sun filled bathrooms so it’s important to make the most of any natural light. You might consider making windows larger or adding a skylight. You can also add light with well-appointed light fittings like tracking lights.

Add Steam

Bathrooms are becoming more like home spas. Instead of going out to a day spa to be pampered more and more homeowners are opting for luxury in their own bathrooms. Steam is big. More and more people are discovering the advantages of steam in winding down and distressing from a hard day at the office. Your bathroom can be converted into your very own steam room for a relatively small investment. It may take some reconfiguring but it’s very doable. You will probably need a sloping ceiling installed to drain off condensation as well as a seat to relax on while you are enjoying the benefits of the steam.