5 Reasons Being Single Isn’t The End of The World

5 Reasons Being Single Isn’t The End of The World

It probably feels like everyone in your universe is shacking up, getting hitched and popping out babies – but you shouldn’t feel left out. There are actually lots of benefits to being single and ready to mingle. Really.

In this day and age, people don’t have to be married at the age of 20 and have a brood of kids by the age of 24 – this is the 21st century after all! There’s nothing wrong with being single. Plus, there’s no reasons that single people should miss out on some of the…ahem…benefits that couples enjoy – a quick visit to a Naughty But Nice store will show you why!

1. More time with Friends

We’ve all had those friends who, as soon as they become a little loved up, disappear off the face of the planet – at least for a little while. It becomes all about them and their partner, off in their own little world. When you’re single, you have the freedom to go out with your friends and have fun any time you want, without being accountable to anyone.

2. You can Pack up your Things and Travel Anywhere

When you’re single, if you decide that you want to go somewhere, you don’t have to consider convincing the other half to go along with you! You want to move to New York? Awesome – save, pack and off you go. You want to go trekking in the remote parts of South America? Great. Grab your walking shoes and your backpack. This is definitely a plus for anyone who’s travel tastes may be a little left of field.

3. You get a Good Night’s Rest – Every Night

Ask any couple about their sleeping habits, and you’ll get an overwhelming response of whinging and whining. From snoring to space invasion, the list goes on and on. Being single means you can stretch out, and cocoon yourself as much as your heart desires. This freedom to snooze will certainly make your coupled friends envious!

4. More Incentive to stay Fit

When you’re in a comfortable, stable relationship, sometimes the incentive to hit the gym wanes a little. Especially if you and your partner are not into cooking – and more into dialling pizza delivery. The simple fact is you don’t have to look good for anyone else, because you’ve already got someone who doesn’t seem to mind. ‘Relationship weight’ anyone? People who are single are more likely to keep in shape because they are motivated by looking good for any attractive people who may cross their path in the future.

5. Less Presents = More Money

If you’re short on cash, being single means one less Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday and anniversary present that you need to buy. When you think about it, four different presents more than a few dollars! Thing of the dimes you’re saving by riding solo.

So, being single isn’t so bad after all! When all your friends are posting photos of them and their kids on Facebook, you can post selfies in Vanuatu, or Machu Pichu!

What are your favourite things about being single? Leave a comment below to share your answers.