5 Interior Design Tricks to Transform your Home

5 Interior Design Tricks to Transform your Home

Whether you’re in a new home or you just feel like a little spring clean and freshen up, there are some effective interior design tricks that can really influence your home. These tips require minimal effort and cost. Sometimes even the smallest things can leave a great impression and change the whole look of a room.

Making A Room Appear Bigger

A coat of paint can have an intense effect on a room, particularly in smaller rooms. Painting a small room in lighter shades is a great way to open up a cramped, pokey room. Get rid of heavy drapes or blinds and replacing them with modern, lightweight products. You need to let as much natural light in as possible to dramatically increase the impression of size in a room. Talk to blind and awning experts like Stylewise Security to find out what is available. Strategically placing mirrors horizontally or vertically onto a wall can also give the impression that you have a larger area. The tactical placing of mirrors can also increase the natural light in a dark room without having to insert costly light fittings.

Change Your Covers

The great thing about adding throws, cushions and bed covers is that you can change your interior design with the seasons! Changing your bed linen, couch covers, pillows, table runners, lamp shades and other accessories will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. Experiment with different colours and textures. Be adventurous!

Mix It Up A Little

There is something very enchanting and beautiful about mixing old with new. Old rugged furnishings and light natural fibres create a rustic, shabby-chic interior. Mixing antique with modern furnishings may seem “wrong” but it actually creates a wonderful ambience and natural warmth. Incorporating heirlooms from the past with modern designer pieces is now all the rage.

Mixing certain colours and patterns used to be a big no-no, but not anymore. The most important part in home decorating is to reflect your personality and style. You really can put spots with stripes and greens with blues – if that’s what you want! Nothing is off limits.

Go Green!

Adding plants and flowers to your bedrooms and livings spaces is an inexpensive and natural way to bring the outdoors into your home. Potted ferns, flowers and indoor shrubs are a great accessory for any interior design. Plants and interesting pots will bring colour, texture and even fragrance to a space. Plants also help balance out household humidity and clean the air by removing pollutants and harmful gases from the atmosphere. Adding greenery and potted plants to your house is an obvious but highly effective way to transform your home.

Paint A Feature Wall Or Bookcase

It’s amazing what an instant pop of colour can do for any dull room. A coat of paint really can help a room stand out. Choosing patterned wallpaper or a very bright paint colour will rapidly re-energize and alter any drab part of the house.

Interior decorating can be more about creativity than cash. Try some of these tricks and create a wonderful new look in your home.