5 Hot Accessories to Set You Apart in 2014

5 Hot Accessories to Set You Apart in 2014

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends of the year, you’ve come to the right place. From personalized iPad Cases to electronic cigarettes, the trends of 2014 have something to offer just about everyone!

Geometric Cardigans

Break up the monotony of your winter wardrobe with a geometric cardigan. These comfy yet very popular fashion items have become a staple in closets all around the world, as fashionistas mix and match with their favourite jeans or dresses. Matched with a nice pair of block coloured boots, this is one accessory you simply won’t be able to live without in 2014.

The iPad Case

Since the introduction of personalized mobile phone cases, users of all ages have enjoyed adding their own personal touch to their handheld device. Now, tablets have made their mark in a big way over the past 2 years and 2014 is definitely proving to be the year of making your tablet your own. There has never been such a great variety of cases available for iPad devices (from mini to standard sizes), with everything from soft touch to hard and durable, with shoppers being given an option for just about every budget. Whether it’s a simple yet stylish iPad case that you picked up at your local shopping centre or you’ve hit the online market for something quirky and unique, be sure to grab yourself a personalized iPad case in 2014 to stick with the trend.

BLACKHAWX Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have really made an impression on the world in 2014, thanks in part to the famous celebrities, who we all love and adore, showing their support for this great new product. Celebrities are whipping out their e-cigs just about anywhere, from talk show television sets to when dining at the trendiest cafés on Rodeo Drive. What has made e-cigs a big hit in 2014 is the latest styles that have been released by new companies to the industry. Unlike the clunky older versions of the product which were anything but attractive, the newer styles simply ooze sexy and suave. One of the newest companies to make an impression on the marketplace is BLACKHAWX, which offer users a variety of flavours, from strawberry to coffee and everything in between – all packaged into a sleek black design. If you’re looking to get in on the newest trend of 2014 be sure to head to www.blackhawx.com to check out their range!

The Satchel

This has been coming along in a big way over the past few years, but has really raised the stakes in popularity in 2014. For both guys and girls, satchel style “Indiana Jones” bags can be paired with jeans for a day at the Sunday Markets or even mixed with a grunge evening look to spice up any plain outfit. If you want to really hit this trend, stick to basic colours like black, nude or khaki.

The Camera Strap

Gone are the days when budding photographers simply used the camera strap that came with their camera at time of purchase. Elle Magazine revealed that a range of funky new camera straps have hit the online shopping place and photographers everywhere are loving this personal touch to their equipment.

2014 is the year of personalization – whether it’s your camera strap or a fancy new iPad case, you can’t go wrong with following the latest trends if you personalize your accessories and show the world a little more of yourself!