4 Ideas for Creating a Home Office

4 Ideas for Creating a Home Office

If you are in the process of creating a home office, you might be looking for some tips to make your home office space work for your specific needs. Consider these four ideas as you design, plan, and create a functional home office.

Storage Is Key

Your home office must have storage space if it is going to be functional. Instead of using a plain, boring file cabinet, paint it with chalkboard paint, so it can double as a message board. If you have the space, buy a chest of drawers. The drawers can be used to hide smaller items you need to access easily, and the top provides plenty of space for your fax machine, printer, scanner, or other electronic devices.

Comfort Matters

Your comfort is essential in a home office. If you are going to be spending a significant amount of time in this space, spend some time choosing office furniture. For example, try sitting in several office chairs before making your purchase. Here is a trick you may not have considered. Since this office is in the privacy of your home, you don’t have to buy an actual office chair. If office chairs seem formal or stuffy to you, choose a different kind of chair. As long as the chair fits comfortably under the desk, the choice is yours to make. You can add style and flair to a room with a quirky desk chair.

Utilize the Space

Another idea is to study the space before you make any decisions about how to layout the furniture. Use all of the space available, especially if you are using a small room. Open shelves placed high on the wall can give you needed storage and will open up a space. You can also have built-ins installed on one wall, so you don’t need big, bulky furniture that takes up lots of space. If the room is small and you need a large table, buy stools instead of chairs that can slide under the table when they are not in use.

A Few Touches Go Along Way

Your home office should make you feel comfortable and happy. After all, you do have to work in the space. Create a photo board using your favorite pictures. Create an accent wall with wallpaper to give the room some personality. Look for ways to bring in objects that make you happy: brightly colored pillows on the chairs or a colorful rug on the floor.