4 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

4 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

Let’s face it; we all love to eat chocolate. There is nothing more indulgent than to sit down with a glass of wine and a bar of our favourite chocolate. We know that it’s not the healthiest way to eat, but we sure do like to indulge. Eating lots of chocolate is bad for us. We all know that. But, eating it in moderation is sometimes a little dull. There are some great ways that you can still enjoy chocolate, but in a healthy way.

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Here is how you can enjoy chocolate in a healthier way:


Dark chocolate should be enjoyed more than milk chocolate. The higher the cocoa count in the bar of chocolate, the better it will be for you. Of course, it should never replace fruit and veg. But, investing in good quality chocolate will ensure that it is the healthier way to enjoy it. You can mix dark chocolate into a smoothie. Add your favourite fruit into a blender and whip up a storm with a sparing amount of dark chocolate. Brands like Venchi are great to use as they have lower amounts of chemicals. Quality dark chocolate will have higher antioxidant properties. Use alongside banana or blueberry for a healthy shake. It’s not only delicious; it is practically sin free.

Spice Up Your Cereal

Cereal can be something of a humdrum affair, but if you add quality chocolate to the mix, you can have a delicious cereal. Avoid cereals with processed sugars and chocolate already added to them. Use muesli and add extra fruit and chocolate to the mix. Use a parmesan grater so that you have small shavings of chocolate into the cereal. You don’t have to overpower the cereal, but you want to have a taste of chocolate.

Drizzle Dreams

Adding a fusion of chocolate to your foods is a good way to enjoy the taste without splurging on calories. Melting chocolate and drizzling it on puddings is an excellent way to enjoy the taste in a healthier way. Adding subtle hints of chocolate to puddings is a lovely way to enjoy the flavoursome nature without adding a lot of calories. Less really is more when it comes to chocolate. Use sparingly. You will enjoy the subtle hints a lot more than loading your food with the gooey brown stuff.

Savoury Power

There is nothing more tempting than a flaky, buttery pastry oozing with chocolate. But, there are other ways to enjoy chocolate. After all, this is great for a once in a while treat but should not be a mainstay of your diet. Add the chocolate to your savoury dishes. This is done in a lot of ala carte restaurants. Do as the Mexicans do and add it to chilli con carne dishes. You can spice up a lunch or dinner by adding hints of chocolate to aubergine fishes and hummus.

Chocolate doesn’t have to be sinful. It can be a sublime, healthy cooking choice. Live a little, include chocolate in your diet in other ways. Bon appetite!